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The authorities of Russia once again allowed a labor dispute with the help of riot

Lawlessness businessmen, employers, over-consumption and the cynical abuse of power bodies, the so-called rule of law - with the power of capital is not uncommon. The most popular reason of labor disputes - pay, then there is a desire on the one hand to get it, and another - without it. Plays often the first side - employees ... unless of course they can not be solved at the last measure - strike!

Such conflict of interests broke out Sept. 13 on the main construction in Primorye - the construction of objects Summit Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Russian on the island, to be held in 2012.By the summit is planned to build about 30 sites, including hotels, aquarium and a business center. The total cost of preparation for the summit is about 300 billion rubles. On the construction works of about 20 thousand people. Despite such fabulous sums, about 150 Chinese workers at the site refused to go to work, demanding pay arrears of wages.

Management immediately arrived on the island for settlement of the issue.They promised to pay "payback" for the next day, ie on 14 September, but nothing was done. The number of disgruntled workers nearly doubled. In the night from 14 to Sept. 15 workers, brought to the boiling point, armed with sticks and stones, began to make demands for the extradition of its director. But instead of the director to two o'clock in the morning on the island came reinforced the militia. In this time without bloodshed, the workers withdrew, not being ready to brawl with specially trained killers of civilians.The strikers dispersed peacefully.

September 15, the workers did gave money. But not in back pay, and ... advance in September. "Our company" Crocus "- the general contractor, we work with subcontractors - explained Catherine Chernenko, a spokesman for the Far Eastern Branch of ZAO Crocus International. - From our side had been no violations. Since workers must pay subcontractors. At the construction site employed about 50 subcontractors, who, according to representatives of "Crocus" and had to pay for the work of Chinese builders.

At the moment the representatives of "Crocus" trying to describe the situation as follows, advantageous for them, the supposedly "uneducated Chinese laborers" simply misunderstood the text of the employment contract.And in general - they should get paid for performing specific work, but not in any certain terms. Yes, and advance them, in fact, do not put ...

To investigate all the causes of the incident created a special commission, which arrived on the island Russian.The commission includes representatives of the Prosecutor's Office, Federal Security Service, Immigration officers and the Labour Inspectorate.

At the moment there is information that the Office of Internal Affairs of Vladivostok fact misconduct employer confirmed the same thing confirmed extra check by the prosecution. Against employers prosecuted for a misdemeanor. Debts repaid, Chinese builders resumed their work, the press service of the prosecutor's office Primorye."The workers stopped a strike and set to work" - told RIA Novosti. But unofficial sources say that working together with the salary payment in full and released in the near future they will leave Vladivostok. As they say - for that fought for it and bump ...

Meanwhile, cases of non-payment of wages in the construction of the island Russian are not uncommon. The fact that at a construction site developed network of subcontractors used by fraudsters. Deductions for work sometimes do not fall into the hands of recipients, because the money ends up in the pocket of some ushlogo mediator.Similar incidents in the construction of objects of the APEC summit are not rare. Late last year, dozens of workers from CIS countries, took in the siege, the headquarters of the construction contractor with the same needs - to pay wages. More recently, with the buildings of the island fled fifty Russian builders from Vologda.


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