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Tyumen anarchist FSB charged with inciting violence against police

Today a FSB of Russia for Tyumen Region A. Sukharev indicted Tyumen anarchists party "Autonomous Action", a university lecturer and the candidate of philological sciences Andrey Kutuzov into "public calls to extremist activities" (Part 1 of Article 280 of the Criminal Code. It is about distributing "Extremist" leaflets in apparently falsified evidence, investigations proceed with April 2010, . It seems that the "authorities"e changed his mind and going to the absurd to bring the matter to court.

Interregional Human Rights Organization "Agora", which coordinates the defense of Andrew:

The decision to prosecute an accused FSB Sukharev says that Kutuzov with a computer-produced leaflets with the title "Down with political repression! Ments to the wall! "In the text of which contained information that calls for violent actions against members of the Center for Internal Affairs to combat extremism in the Tyumen region."In this case, the investigator said that Kutuzov is an organizer and active participant in socio-political nature of public protest actions aimed at inciting social hatred, to destabilize the sociopolitical situation in the region, supports the work and shared the "political positions, attitudes and beliefs of Russian informal anarchist and anarcho-communist (libertarian) movement, such as the "Autonomous Action and other community organizations opposed to the legitimate activities of government bodies of the Russian Federation."

Leaflet, for which been prosecuted Andrew Kutuzov, allegedly prepared for a protest rally against the violation of citizens' rights center staff "E" and for their abolition, which was held in late October last year.By the very event, notified the Administration of Tyumen has given a positive response, the police had no claims.

FSC held avtorovedcheskuyu and technical expertise, and concluded that "the author and performer of" text incriminated leaflets the same as that of other texts, announced the rally on Oct. 30, 2009, which really makes Andrey Kutuzov.Next expert wrote that the author of "man of 25-30 years with higher education in the humanities, skills, journalistic speech, a Russian working in the field related to teaching or journalism." "It is strange that my height and weight is not defined", - Andrey Kutuzov was joking.

The accused himself as an anarchist circumstances of the case:

Of course, the guilty to that charge I can not admit it.I do not really time to organize and participate in various public actions (rallies, pickets and so on), so only they were not, as stated in the indictment, "aimed at inciting social hatred, destabilizing social and political situation in the Tyumen region" and the other terrible things. Need to try hard to find "inciting social discord in the rally" "October 30, 2009, which was conducted in full accordance with the Constitution and relevant laws.

The corollary says that I have made and distributed at the rally "extremist" leaflet, entitled "Down with political repression! Ments to the wall! "And relevant content. However, none of the five organizers of the rally (including me) this leaflet does not remember any in the preparation of the meeting, either at his conduct. Calls for physical violence toward police officers in general and the staff of the Centre "E" in particular were not included and could not enter the goal rally.And why? We spent it, just to draw public attention to the constant violations of the laws of the workers centers "E" and demanded that the government disband these centers. No mass shootings in this case is not required. Naturally, I was at this meeting no appeals like "cops up against the wall" is not declared and a leaflet titled as not distributed.This is easily verified watching a police videotape rally (filmed from beginning to end). But the investigation so far we have not found this record.

Consequence for some reason thinks I am some kind of personal animosity to the employees of the Tyumen center to combat extremism and it is therefore produced a leaflet. This is a view that there have such a dislike is ungrounded. Yes, I have objections against the existence of centers of "E" as such - as the Interior Ministry, offering a political inquisition. I (like many other citizens of our country) do not like that the whole police department is engaged in a hunt for "wrong thoughts."But I have to put it mildly, not well acquainted with the Tyumen employees of the center so I had time to come to them is personal animosity.

Rather, we have the reverse situation: some employees of the center of Tyumen "E", apparently, there is personal animosity toward me. Perhaps this is due to the events of 2009, when only the newly created Center "E" has already tried to accuse me and my comrades in the "vandalism".As a result, in August 2009, criminal proceedings against me were dismissed, but against members of the center of the "E" on the contrary, a criminal case - there was a beating of a witness. Perhaps there should search for the roots of the cause for which I now pass the accused.

In general, the whole thing (charge me under Article 280 of the Criminal Code) is very reminiscent of the persecution for political beliefs that do not like someone in authority and rank. It would like to ask those who sanctionedroval criminal case: how you think and what the price of your political views if they want to protect ways and not in an honest debate?

Familiar with the decision on bringing Andrei Kutuzov as a defendant .

Andrey Kutuzov: +7-922-265-7064
Lawyer Alex Ladin: +7-912-078-9908


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