In Barnaul, social activists detained

February 2 in Barnaul were detained two social activists, Malyshkin Daniel and Sundin Sergei. With respect to both activists were does not comment on the detention, despite the fact that the moment of detention has been more than a day, and in apartments detainees were searched, confiscated computers and literature. A search warrant was not signed by a judge, a lieutenant in the militia! At the moment not even know in what police department they are - in all departments of the city (including the CPE at the edge of police, whose officers carried out arrest) deny the fact that young people are contained in them.Initially, the 2nd of February the detainees were in the building of the Railway police station, where Sergei Sundin suffered an asthma attack. His mother was allowed to pass to Sergei drugs, not allowing a meeting with him. After that, in this office on all matters of the detainees were told that they were brought to the Centre to combat extremism at Ave Kalinina, 20. Employees of this department are responsible or that such detainees they have not registered, or that they will soon be released - we recall that "soon" the policemen continued for more than a day.
There are serious fears that the police can apply physical force against detainees.

How you can help:

1.You can call the following telephone numbers and persistently wondering what detained Sergei and Daniel, do not apply to them whether physical force, and when they are released.
Name of officer CPE, allegedly engaged in "business": Dorofeev, Dmitry E..
Mobile phone number 89132680474
Working telephone number (3852) 397728

2.With the same questions should contact the press service of the police Territory - Department of Information and Public Relations Department of Internal Affairs for the Altai Territory - 8 (385-2) 39-71-11, 39-76-26

3. If you are a journalist, blogger or have access to any media, you can publish this information in order to prevent the persecution of social activists for their beliefs. Let me recall that before the Centre to combat extremism in the Altai Territory police to fame such incidents as an attempt to arms sales to the center Deputy Chief Lt. Col. W.Mandziuk (more ), abduction of activist D. Poltoratsky directly from the place golodvki protest ( ), etc. In your power help stop such actions of the police. The main thing at the moment - what is going to give publicity to prevent possible violations of the rights and freedomsDr. detainees.

Impunity occurs because of the universal silence.

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