The British met the pope protest march

In the center of London, held a large protest march against the policies of Pope Benedict XVI and his visit to Britain, which brought together more than a thousand activists for human rights.
The protesters, among which representatives of any religious groups, namely, human rights activists, actors, writers and journalists gathered at 13:30 local time at Hyde Park, where on Saturday night under the open sky Abbot Roman Catholic Church held a great devotion .

The route of the protesters: st. Piccadilly - residence ofIa British prime minister at Downing Street.
This action was the largest protest during the Pope's stay in the UK.

The reason for excitement:
- Policy of the Vatican to ban the distribution of condoms (abet, an increase in the number of large families in the poorest countries);
- Promotion of segregated education;
- A ban on abortion;
- Failure of sexual minorities;
- Denial of numerous cases of pedophilia among Catholic priests (that recently shocked toect the world).

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