The court dismissed from the custody of the second "Khimki hostage" by Alexei Gaskarova

According to some media reports following the Maksim Solopova October 22 Khimki City Court decided to release a second "hostage", a participant in the movement "Autonomous Action", Alexey Gaskarova. Solopov and Gaskarov were arrested on July 30, two days after a protest from the city administration Khimki. They were charged with disorderly conduct. During the most action the police arrested no one. In early August, the same court sanctioned the arrest of two civil society activists for two months, but in the end of September to renew it.Extension of his arrest Moscow Regional Court invalidated and returned to Khimki.

"I really did not expect to get out. I think they left me, so close at hand was. You would know how many people just sit behind! "- Said Alexey Gaskarov reporters.

The corollary would like to extend Gaskarova arrest at 2 months based on the two certificates from the Moscow region police and FSB. The document states that Alex Gaskarov allegedly a leader of the "Antifa" and "participated in numerous unauthorized rallies and meetings.The Court will incorporate the documents to the case, however, considered that the current situation they are not. The court also considered the arguments of the investigation that could impede the investigation Gaskarov or destroy incriminating evidence, suggestive, and the young man is characterized positively in the workplace.

At the court hearing heard two characteristics that made businessman from the town of Zhukovsky near Moscow Viktor Frolov and deputy director of the Institute of Collective Action (ICD), Andrey Demidov.The court admitted the copy of the certificate journalist ICD issued by Alex Gaskarova.

Cricket unfinished! In connection with the release of "Khimki hostages" we want to remind everyone that the release of children does not mean that the case against them is closed and everyone can relax. Khimki judge has twice shown us all that we should not count on their commitment to law and common sense. Decision of the High Court - not the end of the battle, and the signal .Need to reinforce the arguments of the law of our determination. Require the termination of the case against Alexey and Maxim and removing them from false accusations! Inaction in this situation means acquiescence to the next lawless police and judges!

We urge all concerned people to participate in the new days of action in support Solopova and Gaskarova and carry in your cities bright stocks in the official political and cultural events organized by the Russian authorities, as well as embassies and consulates in Russia, to demand a meeting with officials and send them to petition.

Further information: tel.8-915-053-59-12 ,

Earlier in the initiated by the Campaign for the Liberation of Khimki hostages in late September, shares in favor of Alexey and Maxim Gaskarova Solopova in 35 cities in 12 different countries. In Khimki court and other authorities received hundreds of calls from around the world demanding an end to the falsification of a criminal case and to release those arrested.

Such a scale campaign was not least thanks to international fame Alexey and Maxim as community activists, as well as due to the fact that investigators use illegal methods of collecting information - the mass of young people and .There were also ovany protocols detention Alexey and Maxim.

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