Great news from Vladivostok - a probational sentence for Yura M.!

12th of October sentencing of Yura M., anarchist who killed a local Nazi in self-defence 22nd of November 2008. This was third time Yura got attacked by Nazis, he was jumped in April of 2006 15 to 5 and was hospitalized with a brain damage. He also suffered seriously in attack against Ecological protest camp in Angarsk 21st of July 2007, after attack he spent days in coma, two months in hospital and it took a whole year for him to recover. His friend Ilya Borodaenko was not that lucky, and he died as a result of the attack.

22nd of November 2008 Nazi activists Ilya Muzychenko and Aleksey Plyasov committed their last attempt to jump Yura. This was last in series of a number of Nazi assaults against anti-fascists in Vladivostok during year 2008, 24th of July they stabbed a person who visited a concert of pacifist anti-fascist group, 29th of September drummer of group "Game over" Oleg was hospitalised for a month after an attack.

As Yura recognised that Nazis went after him, he moved under a CCTV camera as he suspected that Nazis were not stupid enough to jump him under camera. However Nazis attacked, and Yura killed Muzychenko by accident with a one single strike of knife. Aleksey Plyasov escaped in panic, and broke both his legs having jumped down the stairs.

Yura made not attempt to hide, called cops and paramedics. Charges of "surpassing necessary limits of self-defence", according to statute 108 of Russian criminal codex, were filed against him. This statute means a prison sentence of up to two years, and when court started in May, it was expected that Yura will be sent down for one or two years.

However Nazis made very bad testimonies in court and their lawyer was very bad. Eventually they pursuaded tactic of demanding bigger charges against Yura, which was hopeless due to CCTV camera testimony and fact that Yura was never denying what he had committed and had a good lawyer, and eventually Nazis ruined their chances to get Yura imprisoned for any time and he got just a one year probational sentence with 2 years testing period. He was also sentenced to compensate 90 000 rubles of legal costs of the opponents and 100 000 rubles for relatives of the victim (alltogether around 42000 euros), so his bail was not returned.

Congratulations for Yura for this outcome, after a very hard year!

Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow
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There is a lengthy statement of Anti-fascist Action of Vladivostok available in Russian at

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