Khimki city court freed from custody Maxim Solopova

According to information distributed by , October 18, 2010 Khimki City Court decided to change the preventive punishment Maxim Solopova to release on recognizance. The trial lasted from 11 to 16 hours with a break for three hours to prepare a decision. Judge Svetlana Galanova released by Maxim in the courtroom.

As suretySecond Maxima were Lev Ponomarev, executive director of the Movement "For Human Rights, human rights activist Sergei Kovalev and Lyudmila Alekseeva, Duma deputies Ilya Ponomarev, Oleg Shein, as well as teachers Solopova at his place of study in RGGU Galina Ershov, Dmitry Belyaev and Catherine DiSanto.

At the hearing on the complaint to the court came to the teacher Catherine DiSanto and the guarantor and protector of Maxim Lev Ponomarev.

Catherine DiSanto told the court about the need to release Maxima from custody because he wanted to finish college, and that he could successfully continue the academic career.Maxim - a very talented man, a good student and I am glad that he still is and anti-fascist "- DiSanto said in court.

Consequence led to the court the previous reasons for continued detention, which could not be considered for the appointment of a new term. New arguments investigator Yermilova were only evidence of a witness, allegedly proving guilt Solopova, photos, which depicted a man in a white shirt and a black mask, and a certificate from the FSB that Maxim has repeatedly been detained for "unauthorized" actions.Questions of the judge: "How did you hear about this man Solopova?", The investigator is nothing meaningful could not answer.

Maxim Solopov applied for admission of their testimony, which, inter alia, he stated that "a hostage to the lack of professionalism of law enforcement."

The arguments of the investigation were rejected defense - lawyer Yuri Eronina and public defender Lev Ponomarev.The latter drew the attention of the court that in this process is not considered a conviction, but only elected a preventive measure, and also told that in fact the interrogation of this witness is the prosecutor's check, as an interrogation conducted without counsel, and witnesses were pressured.

The court took into account the defense's arguments and granted the petition for the immediate release Solopova from custody.

"Played the role of all that was done during this time. And the broad public support, and warranties and statements in court.We all together have achieved this important result, "- said after the meeting, Lev Ponomarev.

Within days of action initiated by the Campaign for the Liberation of Khimki hostages in late September, shares in favor of Alexey and Maxim Gaskarova Solopova held in 35 cities in 12 different countries. In Khimki court and other authorities received hundreds of calls from around the world demanding an end to the falsification of a criminal case and to release those arrested.

Such a scale campaign was not least thanks to international fame Alexey and Maxim as community activists, as well as due to the fact that investigators use illegal methods of obtaining information - mass arrests of young people, and torture.There were also falsified the police report Alexey and Maxim.

Recall, 15 October Mosoblsud overturned the decision of the Khimki city court to extend the detention period for the second accused in the case of Khimki "- Alexei Gaskarova. Meeting on the firstan inspection measure of restraint for him to be held in Khimki city court until October 27.

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