Tyumen FSB secret from the public examination of the "extremist" leaflets

Tyumen anarchist party "Autonomous Action" Andrey Kutuzov, suspected of spreading "incorrect", an extremist leaflets, and his defender Alex Ladin decided to take on the "public trial" the infamous document, the underlying criminal case Kutuzov. Achieve expert opinion on the leaflet from the FSB lawyer Kutuzov could not, for two months, despite the fact that the investigator submits that this conclusion was made even before the arrest of Andrei Kutuzov.The leaflet, which was in the file, you can see in the picture at the end of this news. From the one that was distributed at the rally against the tyranny of the police and the center of the "E", it has text interspersed, which stylistically totally different from the rest of the text and are recognized by the naked eye.

Thus, the unknown painstakingly wrote in the original text of the leaflets, the words "morons-UBOPovtsev - in the national economy, there can benefit from them will," "Former UBOP (dumb creatures, Tolstolobov - are used to knead the crooks) ...", "to arrange direct action - throw stones and paint center building "E", breaking windows of cars, arrange fleshmoby, etc. "(Quoted from the text of the leaflet).The drafters of leaflets did not consider that such terminology is rather peculiar to law enforcement structures, as the teachers and candidates of sciences. One could assume that with the expertise in the FSB did not catch on: the experts were afraid to make an unambiguous conclusion about the leaflets. Even not very skilled linguist easily recognize the falsification of the text leaflets.

Alex Ladin, lawyer Andrei Kutuzov, commented: "So, it has been two months of the investigation can not provide us with expert opinion on the" extremist "leaflet, manufacturing and distribution have been charged my client Andrey Kutuzov.Why - is unknown, because the examination was conducted, with the words of the investigator, even before the arrest of Kutuzov. This examination is precisely the same document, which sort of have to prove the fact of the crime: it substantiates "extremist" nature of the leaflets.And sharing with must have been a long time. But, nevertheless, the investigation does not give an opportunity to review the text of expertise, neither suspects nor a lawyer. So we put the alleged leaflet (more precisely, its image, which has a defense) to the expertise of the public. See for yourself in this leaflet, appreciate it (it is attached to this material). Then take a look at here, these two texts, which were posted online in October, 2009 (ie, even before the meeting on October 30th): "The protests against the activities of the" E "will be held in 10 cities of Russia" ( http:// golosa.info/node/3666 ) and "Day of united action against the centers of the E: 30 October" ( http://golosa.info/node/3660 ).This is the real material to nationwide campaigns for the dismantling of the centers to combat extremism. We will not even yet give any specific comments. Just compare the alleged leaflet and these texts and find the differences, so to speak, alien elements.And think about who and for what purpose he could insert into the text of these alien elements. And above all - could it be done Andrey Kutuzov, one of the official organizers of the rally on Oct. 30, 2009? ".

Real leaflets handed out at the rally are available at:

http://avtonom.org/sites/default/files/store/extremizmanet.png and


"Extremist" leaflet:

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