Ukraine: the student protests. Birth of the extra-parliamentary opposition (photo report + video)

October 12, more than 15 major cities in Ukraine have been massive protests of students. The protests have shown not only protest potential of Ukrainian students. Citizens of Ukraine (not just the students) a chance to break the vicious circle in which the country was driven parliamentary politics. Society is able to formulate and impose their will without a system of parliamentary representation. To do this, we no longer need television talking heads on talk shows. The faster and more people understand this idea, the less the government will have to take money, freedom and dignity.


October 12 throughout the country held a protest against the commercialization of education.According to various sources in protest attended by 10 to 20 thousand students in 14 cities. In order to avoid rumors and slanderous insinuations, deserves to be told about the people who coordinated the campaign in Ukraine and waged a propaganda campaign. The main organizers of the protests made by the in the student union and syndicalist Direct Dіya. "These organizations are fighting against the commercialization of education is not the first year.In 2009, they organized protests . Then, the author of the initiative was a Cabinet Tymoshenko. Of course, in 2009, participated in protests and other public organizations, but traditionally the DFI and SD pulling in the lion's part to counter the commercialization of education.

DFI position in support of grassroots initiatives, human rights, social rights, gives grounds to attribute them to the left of center.Not Ukrainian, of course, a European or American (in the spirit of the "Anglo-Saxon" liberalism). What is in Ukraine, "Left" ... they are not. CPU, blocking with the parties of big business and protect the conservative values very far from even a moderate European social democracy. Politicized trade union "Direct Dіya", is currently the largest organization of extra-parliamentary left.Syndicalism, anarchist-wing rejects the need for participation in parliamentary politics. Accordingly, the main problem for PD is to fight nothing to do with elections. Place of the main conflict - a place of work or study.

Principles, which profess to DFI and "PD" make them ideologically diverse alliance is warranted. And she and others do not participate in elections and to distance themselves from the parliamentary parties. As a rule, DFI operates exhortations, DD happy to use radical rhetoric.

The most powerful demonstration of the campaign on October 12 took place in Lvov, Uzhgorod and Kyiv.At the heart of Galichinyna the rally came to different estimates, from 3 to 7 thousand participants, and in the capital and Uzhgorod about a thousand. Lviv and Transcarpathia mobilization engaged mainly members of the DFI, and in Kiev alert universities (posters, leaflets and rallies to the universities) done DP. In the mobilization involved and other leftist and liberal youth organizations.From Demalyansa to ordinary members of the Komsomol, who came to the rally in defiance of "elders."

Thousands of students who listened to the arguments of the initiators of the campaign - is a consequence of government policy and a sign of the collapse of the traditional opposition. Dozens of activists across the country, having no substantial funds through the Internet, short-run flyers, phone, personal campaigning can bring out as much as you do not every parliamentary party is capable of.


Marsh tried to use the political parties and the ultra-provocateurs.In Zhitomir, Rivne, Kyiv promoted their political representatives in force "Freedom" and shill for his "march of the UPA" on October 14. Zhytomyr its symbolism came United Center, and in Kharkiv BYT. Also in the capital of the ultra-distinguished. They came to share the anti-Semitic slogans directed against the Minister personally Tabachnik. It is significant that the most "talkative" of them, it is "widely known in narrow circles" right-wing activist, nicknamed "Obama."Last year he tried to campaign against holding the student protests. For example, at a meeting of students NUC June 2, 2009 he said: At this time our hero has decided to "anti-fascists" to join. Moreover, the Aryan Warriors chose to ignore and mThe fact that Kiev march held as part of an international campaign against the commercialization of education. special piquancy misconduct "patriots" gives what they took to the streets, along with Africans, Indians, Indonesians and other "non white" fighters against the commercialization of other continents, but Europeans are initiating is just one of those who the Nazis in the spirit can not bear.This is a radical leftist student groups to the left of the Left Party and the Greens. Organizers chose not to apply force to the 20-ultra of the "trident", "Freedom" and "autonomous right". Police would be happy to start acceleration or arrest the organizers of the march, taking advantage of every foothold. One of the extreme right with joy when told of all that they are not afraid of challenges. It seems that the goal of "national revolutionaries" was just a provocation and a "problem". Now they do not agitate against the holding of shares, and trying to discredit his inappropriate behavior.

Actually, the right-wing anti-Semitism hurts and their fight against the Minister Tabachnik.It is recognized by the nationalists' povmenyaemee.

Note that on the eve of anarchists and Marxists have agreed not to bring 'ideological' flags. And he kept his word. Nationalists also dragged a red-black flag OUN. For them it was important to popiarit its share of 14 October and its ideological stance. Journalists, with rare exceptions, have ignored the provocateurs.So my goal is not achieved ultra, although both have tried, tried so hard.


Event showed not only the level of dissatisfaction and a willingness to go outside, but the problem of opposition. Parliamentary party opposed to the ruling coalition, appear politically impotent. They are not able to lead a protest. Living in Lviv and Kiev, for the most part do not carry blue and white power in the spirit. This cocktail of hatred, fear and contempt.Just talk to these people. But they have no character, ideas, alternatives to the authorities and the opposition. Motorists who actually prevented the demonstrators to go down the street, Grushevskiy not matter, and honked horns in unison in the "charges", chants: "Knowledge - not good! Unіver - no market, "" Freedom, rіvnіst, studentska solіdarnіst "," Mensch poborіv, bіlshe knowledge, "" Wee us - koruptsіyu, the minimum you - revolyutsіyu! "

The neo-liberal economic policies, an outspoken anti-democratic the current government, the construction of "power vertical", "mobilization" rhetoric, copying Russian models ... all of this irritates residents' opposition regions. "BYuT and pieces "Our Ukraine" can not oppose the current course. Their actions in the last year before the elections indicate that they are ready to tighten the screws. Bill 2450 (limiting the right of assembly) came not Yanukovych. Labor Code on first reading took the orange Parliament with the filing of Regions, an initiative on the introduction of paid services in universities in 2009 came from "svidomogo Vakarchuk.Failure postoranzhevyh forces creates a situation in which the protest politics can survive drastic changes. Confrontation of the plane "belogolubye against BYT" can go into the field of real social and class conflict. Levoliberalnaya and left radical street politics to offer alternatives as deadening to the spirit of the bourgeois-conservative orthodox authoritarian government and fashiziruyuscheysya national democracy.Such a social policy capable of uniting youth and working classes of East and West.

Tabachnik called the protesters "immoral" and argues that they "align the decision" with him or Vakarchuk. Obviously Tabachnik, contrary to common sense, continues to believe that the demonstrators on Oct. 12 are "orange". It is regrettable that Mr Putin has lost the political flair. Note that Yanukovich and Azarov, trying to (no one any amendments to the decree № 796 on October 12 did not accept), showing a keen understanding of the situation.They are afraid of the streets and protest unpaid. Twenty years ago, the fall of 1990 student and workers strike buried administration Masol. It's like a hint ...

What to do

The growth of trade unions and radical organizations must be accompanied by sensible policy of the Government and the ruling elite. Successful analysis FRIshnikami decision 796 is just one example.However, more careful reading of legal acts may not be enough. Criticism should be deeper, to show not only the obvious blunders and mistakes of the authorities. Activities of the new extra-parliamentary opposition should lead to the formulation of alternatives to the power of big monopoly capital.

Attitude of the people and the ruling classes should be something like a fruitful rebellion, when the elites despised and robbed people will say: "Enough is enough. We ourselves have set the boundaries of your power over us. When we are strong enough, the more you can not do anything. Absolutely nothing. We will pick you control over your life. We will be free from fraud, exploitation, lies and violence. "

Photo report:


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