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Antifascist-ecologist from Italy in prison

In Naples, Italy, the first of May, the police allowed the group of nationalists to participate in the annual demonstration of "working day". The Nationalists begin immediately provoke and threaten Anif. Comrades react and repel them. A nationalist, finds refuge in a store, but the struggle continues and there, and he comes out of the store was wounded.

Several months later, police detain two men. One of them is .Our comrade and brother.

We are not going to discuss the work of our comrade. We do not want to understand the exact dynamics of events, choosing which side to defend. We do not do requests. However, one thing is clear: Tonino is in jail for what he is. For what he has always fought for the environment, anti-fascism and against government repression.

Guilty or not - these categories we are not going to use.

Just a few words.

Brother in the hands of the enemy.

Prison. We.

And all the others - the spirit of the street.

You can support the anti-fascist Italian and write him a letter at:

Antonio Mescia

Casa Circondariale di Napoli - Poggioreale

via Nuova Poggioreale, 177 - Padiglione Firenze

80143 - Napoli

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