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Hunting security forces on anti-fascists coming to an end? Khimkinskiy court acquitted Alexander Pakhotin

August 31 magistrate Khimki city court Yatsyk Alexander V. terminated the administrative case against anti-fascist Alexander Pakhotin. It was reported, campaigners for the release of hostages Khimki. Perhaps this was a consequence of information resonance after the press conference "security forces opened hunt for anti-fascists", held in Moscow on the eve of trial, August 30, campaigners for the release of hostages Khimki. Recall Pakhotin was arrested Aug. 21 in Zhukovsky, Moscow region and taken to the ATS, theKhimki.

There he was beaten by the ATS, under the pressure of which signed the statement on his participation in a demonstration near Khimki Administration on July 28, and the fact that visitors to the concert on the square called Pipe to go in Khimki, a famous musician. Arrested on charges of assaulting Khimki administration Maxim Solopov also mentioned in the testimony, broken under torture.

With respect to the Alexander Pakhotin was made an administrative report on Art. 20.2 Part 1, which was clarified by the originator as a protocol violation of the rules of public events.However, the judge Yatsyk noticed that in this part of the article talking about organizing an unsanctioned event. A judge terminated the administrative case against Alexander, as it does not find even in the minutes drawn up by police is no evidence any organization or participation in a demonstration near Pakhotin Khimki Administration on July 28, candidat, some of which broke four windows in the building, and wrote inscriptions on the walls to protect the Khimki woods.

Alexander explained to the court that on 28 July he went to a concert in support of Khimki forest Pipe Square and went to other participants in Khimki.This Pakhotin not see who called and how to travel, and generally not seen at a concert or later one of his well-known people. In Khimki, Alexander distance themselves watching the developments around the administration, but he did not participate in any demonstration, nor in those events.

Pakhotin filed a petition for removal from the administrative case against a protocol of his interrogation as a witness in a criminal case against anti-fascists Gaskarova Alexey and Maxim Solopova, which is now in jail on charges of organizing a massacre Khimki Administration.The rationale for excluding the interrogation of the administrative affairs of Alexander asked to attach to the case a medical certificate about his beating, indicating that the evidence given to them under physical pressure. But the judge did not accede to the request Pakhotin deletion protocol being questioned by ugolovngomu case.

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