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Uprising in Bahrain and Yemen, drowning in blood

Anti-government demonstrations in Yemen and Bahrain have grown into the present rebellion. Opposition protests brutally suppressed by the authorities, nevertheless, the standoff continues.

In Bahrain, where performances Shiite majority against the ruling Sunni dynasty, had already led to a full-fledged foreign intervention, March 25, was shot the next demonstration. The troops opened fire on protesters with machine guns, and firing was conducted from helicopters and tanks owned, including military units Saudi Arabia, which sent troops to Bahrain in mid-March.According to human rights defenders, opposition is deprived of the possibility of sending the wounded people to hospitals and clinics, because there they faced arrest (and even kidnapping) loyal to the king by the military. Earlier, a Bahraini police arrested almost all the leaders of opposition political organizations and movements - the organizers of the mass anti-government actions. Raids take place under the emergency rule imposed by the King of Bahrain for a period of three months. In the capital, Manama, also operates the curfew.Command of the army received orders to Bahrain to take any action until the military force to ensure security.

In Yemen, the situation is complicated because of the terror, arranged by radical Islamist groups. The country has actually unleashed a civil war. In Sana'a and Aden continued deadly clashes of protesters with the army and police on the streets are riots, punctuated by indiscriminate gunfire. Islamic militants seized a number of settlements, weapons and industrial enterprises in the south. Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, agreeing to retire no earlier than next year, warned today that in the event of his premature resignation of the country into chaos and become a second Somalia.

In nearby Oman, where in February-March in clashes with police and troops killed about 10 people, the protests continued and localized only in breadcrumbs, north of the capital Muscat. People managed to defuse the promise to raise salaries by 20%.

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