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Russian troops out of Ukraine! Demonstration in Helsinki 8th of September

Stop the war and human rights violations!

Meeting on September 8 at the Kolme Seppää -statue at 6.00 PM from where we will walk to Russian embassy at Tehtaankatu.

During July and August, more and more proof has emerged about the Russian involvement in the war in Ukraine, and on the 24th of August Russian troops crossed the Ukrainian border and and began the offensive towards Mariupol. More than 2000 people have already died in the war, and the Russian assault worsens things.

Thus far Russia has kidnapped and taken to Moscow: film director Oleg Sentsov, warehouse worker Aleksandr Kolchenko, and other Crimeans. They will face a kangaroo court where Russia will show that everyone opposing Crimean occupation will be silenced.

In other parts of Ukraine, pro-Russian separatists have kidnapped hundreds of people; many of those opposing of the separatists have been tortured or murdered. The Ukrainian army has been indiscriminately firing into residental areas and committed other human rights violations.

All of this has to stop!

We demand:

-An End to the War

-The withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine

- No further kidnappings and human rights violations, by any of the sides in the conflict

-That the rights of Crimean Tatars be respected

- A stop in deceitful propaganda on any side

-The release of everyone arrested for political reasons by Russian authorities and troops supported by Russia

- The right to return for all of those who have been displaced.

This demonstration does not support any army or any kind of nationalism.

The demonstration is organised by Ystävyys, Yhteistoiminta ja Avunanto -verkosto YYA.

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