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Festival Feast After Plague (formerly Father Frost against Putin) is postponed to the next January

Unfortunately, we must once again delay our festival, this time due to war. Our concept was always to be an open meeting of Russian (and not only Russian) activists in Helsinki. But now borders are closed, and it is unclear if any open social activism in Russia will be possible from now on.

But we plan to organise our festival anyway. We still have spaces and organising group. Our preliminary new dates for the festival are 6th-9th of January 2023.

We plan to continue our struggle, but it is possible that concept of the festival will change. Either we aim to gather activists, who have been forced to escape from Russia, or we will invite more participation from Russia, but on distance and anonymously. It is possible, that we will realise both of these concepts.

Until then, we plan to fight against the war in the framework of other projects. See you in January!

The modern situation requires a change in the aesthetic and conceptual forms of expressing the real.

Another incentive to rethink representation and tactics was the pandemic and macro-political vulnerability, rallies and waves of new political repression in Russia and Belarus, which affected all aspects of our life.

After the worldwide "apocalypse", we will meet under a new slogan - "Feast After the Plague".

Here, on a politically neutral territory, we together (organizers / participants / guests) will create a temporary autonomous zone free from hierarchical forms of interaction and discrimination. The festival is organized by local activists, as well as participants from various horizontal initiatives, libertarian, left-oriented and anarchist communities in Russia and the post-Soviet area.

During the festival we will co-create and establish new projects and connections, produce situational practices and knowledge, and exchange experiences as activists, artists and disciplinary researchers from different regions and countries.

Feast After Plague is a territory for the political imagination, creating and supporting alternative practices of coexisting - a way of thinking, speaking and acting in opposition to outdated cultural codes. A space for strategies and tactics of solidarity, synthesizing theoretical and practical approaches aimed at researching and transforming socio-political and cultural processes locally, while keeping global contexts in perspective.

The festival are also a pleasant occasion for us to meet and spend time together enjoying performances, great music, discussions and relax in pleasant company and in a safe context.

The aim of the festival is:

Finding new contacts and supporting "invisible" project groups and initiatives, exchanging experiences, making acquaintances and networking on current projects. Strategic planning.

Joint project activities. Invention and dissemination of alternative infrastructures and interaction algorithms within self-organized communities and nomadic associations. Time spent enjoying.Active participants are representatives of self-organized communities from Russia and the CIS countries, local projects and participants from other countries: activists, artists, representatives of trans / queer / lgbt communities, feminist initiatives / intersectional / cyber / xeno / left feminist movements, decolonial trends, participants of anarchist communities, independent media, representatives of human rights organizations and NGOs. Also - ecologists, philosophers, sociologists, political scientists, practitioners and theorists of contemporary art, critical theory, whose contour of interests lay in participatory projects and alliances.

The festival program offers various forms of participation: open discussions / reports / panels , workshops, presentations, video projects, performances, networking and gentle reflection. The end of the festival will be a crypto-rave with the participants from the modern electronic scene, experimental music and political techno-live.

All information about the festival program will be publicly available.

Lunch and dinner are free for guests from abroad. We can only offer a vegan menu in order to make our cuisine accessible to everyone.

The festival program will be held in Russian or English. If needed, they will be translated into Finnish, English, and Russian.

Overnight accommodation will only be provided for the first 20-30 participants who register for the festival (form available at , select English language from the menu). The rest will have to book accommodation on their own.If you are interested in participating in the festival please fill out the form. Only fill out the questionnaire if you need help with accommodation.

 Festival will be organised in two locations, Oranssi and Ulrika. Address of Oranssi is Kaasutehtaankatu 1, rakennus 11. It is in a walking distance from metro stations Sörnäinen and Kalasatama. All workshops and lectures of the festival will be organised in Oranssi. 

In Saturday evening, there will be party in Ulrika, Leppäsuonkatu 11. Ulrika is located in the basement of Domus Gaudium, and closest metro station is Kamppi. 

Both spaces are wheelchair accessible. 

Instagram: @ffrost_against
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