Last journals and writings of sehîd Tekoser Piling (Lorenzo “Orso” Orsetti)

18th of March marks 4 years since our comrade, an Italian anarchist, şehîd Tekoşer Piling (Lorenzo "Orso" Orsetti) fell in battle in Baghuz al-Fawqani. Lorenzo was fighting ISIS alongside Kurdish and Arab comrades, defending the revolution of Northeast Syria. It is an honour for us to share with you all this short brochure with last journals and writings of ṣehîd Tekoṣer. We treasure his words and we hope they can bring you as much inspiration as they brought to us.

Al-Baghuz Fawqani was last stronghold of ISIS.

Lorenzo gave his life defending his comrades in a battle, just few days before the last patch of land was liberated and ISIS as a military force in Syria ceased to exist.

Ş. Tekoşer came to Rojava in 2017 and in different times joined YPG International, TİKKO and eventually came to Tekoşîna Anarşîst.

He fought to defend Afrin from the Turkish invasion in 2018, and participated in the offensive against the Islamic State in Deir-Ez-Zor throughout 2018 and 2019.

Lorenzo lived collectively with the comrades in the organizations he was part of in different times.
He took care of them, cooked, cleaned, discussed, trained, lived and fought with them every day, building comradeship with them, struggling to put the values of Rojava revolution in practice and defend it.

Lorenzo's heart was free, and he defended what he believed was right till the end. Şehîd Tekoşer was a revolutionary anarchist that we look up to as an inspiration and guiding heritage in the times of uncertainity and hardship.

Ogni tempesta comincia con una singola goccia. Ciao Orso. Şehîd namirin!


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