In Alma-Ata, former employees of the company "Kuat" blocked the road

In Almaty, former employees of the corporation "Kuat" demanded payment of salary for three years. A chronic lack of money has long caused them to resign, but their debt remained outstanding. Builders owed for the eastern bypass road, financed by the municipality. The construction company "Kuat" beginning in the 2007 year.

The last time workers corporation "Kuat" came to the meeting ten months ago. All the while they waited for the reaction of officials and law enforcement. No response, so they decided to take extreme measures and blocked one of the city roads.
First, they picketed the Almaty akimat, seeking an audience with the Deputy Mayor Victor Dolzhenkova. When it did not help - the workers was blocked by a small street near the building site no more than 15 minutes. However, this is quite enough to untie the hands of police. It came to battering. As a result, some guards have promised to bring the activists to administrative responsibility for obstructing traffic.

Statistics: Total without salary sits 400 crane, excavator and drivers.Almost all have already resigned. In total, the strike came about fifty people. Total debt "Kuat" salary exceeds four and a half million dollars. Corporation like trying to repay debt installments, but the workers say, the money reaches them sporadically.
Background: Over three years, working through every department, even in court served on the leadership. The activities of the corporation checked prosecutors and made a requirement: to repay debts. The court also ruled that "Kuat" pay the money.

Way forward: The situation is complicated by the fact that currently the corporation "Kuat" declared bankruptcy, the accounts have no money, no property (in fact it is not him, it pledged with the banks).According to some legal situation can be resolved as follows - targeted assistance from the state, because all that was in a bankrupt company is now owned by the state.
After about forty minutes after the start of the protest to strike out a specialist of internal company policies. All he could offer to people - it is separate.It turned out that all the money intended for the workers, three years ago went to the construction of the road. Corporation just did not calculate the forces. Asked when he would be paid salary, leaders shrugged.

Workers agreed to wait again ... But threatened with a massive rally in case of no solution to their problem. After the action the police detained a lawyer Daulet Zhumabekov representing the interests of workers. To write an explanatory he was taken to the district office. But SunOre released.

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