Anarcho-punk zine: PunkWay #8, 2013

anarcho-punk zine PunkWay #8

Hello, comrade!

We are all units that can unite to create a just future. But all attempts are predetermined to fail, as long as these units are zeros.

It is not enough to simply seek the truth, it is insufficient to know that things are bad and that change is necessary. Actions need to be taken, and YOU are the action! It is good to dream about freedom, but what’s the point if we live like slaves? It’s easy to talk about helping one when every day you ignore the ones in need. It is easy to dream about “The organization” when you can’t even discipline yourself. This leads to a contradiction, which doesn’t lead us anywhere. This issue will be largely dedicated to self-improvement. It will contain a lot of psychology and philosophy. Most of us have faced the problems of maturity: big responsibilities, children, financial difficulties, problems with housing, disillusioned or frightened fiends, graduation and the need for employment. At this moment many of our friends begin to say «I used to be a punk too». In this issue we will share our reflections on how to stay true, to be yourself, not to loose your youthful endeavors, to move straight along your life.

Stay punk!


01 - Introduction
02 - Intro
03 - 7 habits to improve your effectiveness
04 - The first steps to purity and an order
05 - Keep your tonus up!
06 - It’s good when you haven’t got any time to think
07 - On punk-rock and changing of consciousness
08 - Revelation #4
09 - On «party people» and revolutionaries
10 - Revelation #5
11 - Revelation #6
12 - Revelation #7
13 - New step
14 - The years go by and we are all the same
15 - Comics
16 - Infoshop
17 - HUMAN library
18 - FREE library
19 - Hedonist international

20 - Germany. Gathering of activists
21 - Review of «Meat is for Pussies» by John Joseph
22 - Look at
23 - Outro

Download PunkWay #8 (full english version) (pdf, 42 p.)
Скачать журнал PunkWay #8 (русская версия) (pdf, 50 стр.)

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