Roman Paklin: electrocution forced him to fight for his health

We call on all those who are not indifferent  to pay for the lawyers of Roman and other defendants of the "Tyumen case". Today, 1st of January is the last day you may donate!

Roman is an anti-fascist from Surgut, a vegetarian and sportsman, very kind, modest and calm, but at the same time strong in spirit and steadfast despite all the difficulties he faced in prison. Together with his friends, he organized a public library in Surgut with literature on libertarian theory, the history of liberation movements, and grassroots self-help initiatives.

He worked in a large enterprise as a car mechanic, he loved his work very much. Roman's great passion was cars, their internal structure, and their mechanisms. He spent his free time in nature - in the woods and reading. He studied history, philosophy, art, and anthropology. Currently imprisoned, Roman writes poetry and is interested in yoga, spiritual practices, and psychology. 

On September 1, 2022, work operatives took Roman to the hangar, so he describes the terrible days of torture: "My hands and feet were bound with duct tape, I felt like I was electrocuted, then they pulled down my pants and said that I would go to the zone as a downcast. After the torture, Roman had a suspected stroke, lost his eyesight, and lost his arm. Now he is undergoing treatment in the psychoneurological dispensary "Lebedevka" in the Tyumen region.

Roman is charged under Art. 205.4 of the Criminal Code "participation in a terrorist organization" + part. 1 Art. 30 part. 2 articles 205.2 of the Criminal Code "preparation for a terrorist act".  In December 2023 prosecution added two more charges, "illegal preparation and storages of explosives as a part of organised criminal group", and alltogether Roman may be sentenced to a prison sentence between 15 and 30 years. Roman refuses to torture testimony and completely denies guilt, during a year in the pre-trial detention center he sought medical assistance.

We remind you that a year ago six anti-fascists from different cities were detained and accused of terrorism. Also, the support team runs dedicated to the case.

The guys have been in pre-trial detention for more than a year and they will face trials on the merits of the case. Families and relatives will have to pay for the participation of lawyers in these sessions and they will not be able to cope without you! Now is the time to show solidarity and lend a helping hand to the victims of Russian repression. We thank every concerned member of our large community for your support. You are our strength! Solidarity is our weapon!



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