Help the defendants of the "Tyumen case" in their fight for freedom

Six anarchists from Russia have been held in pre-trial detention for a year on spurious charges of creating a "terrorist community". According to Russian law, our comrades face a total of 5 to 15 years of imprisonment for the charged articles, and 15 to 30 years of life imprisonment for organizing or leading a "terrorist community". The main proof of guilt is a confession given under torture.

"Flying exhibition" dedicated to the political prisoners of the 20-21 century, including those involved in the «Tyumen case» in the Leningrad region.

For centuries, the law has been the main instrument of repression. What is insane is how brazenly the state can use its ingenious schemes to rid society of "ideologically inconvenient" people. It is obvious to Russian anarchists that this case is a reprisal against libertarians whom the Putin regime sees as a threat. We know that all our comrades had a negative attitude towards the regime, but that doesn't give the regime the right to deprive them of their long years of life.

What happened:

At the end of August 2022, the police detained K. Brick and D. Aydyn in a forest on the outskirts of Tyumen. During the search, the guys were found homemade explosives. Less than a day later, under the influence of physical and psychological violence (the boys were beaten and threatened with rape), both signed confessions that they were members of a "terrorist community" of anarchists and were planning sabotage in military enlistment offices, police departments and railroads. Within a day after the detention of K. Brik and D. Aydyn, the law enforcers detained N. Oleinik, R. Paklin, Y. Neznamov, and D. Chertykov. During interrogation, all four gave confessions. The interrogation took place several days after the detention and all this time our comrades were tortured, here is what the detainees wrote about it in their lawyer's interviews: 

«They took off my shoes and socks, soaked my feet in something, put some wires on the toes of both feet, and electrocuted me. I lost track of time, but it was very long. They said that I was a prisoner and that people like me should be shot. A man spoke to me without introducing himself. He started to give me a version of events, which I had to confirm when the investigator came.»

N. Oleynik

«I was confused and asked why they were mocking me. There was no answer, they switched on the current again, but already stronger. It was very painful, there were strong cramps in my legs and back. Again, the same man asked me if I felt good, but he didn't turn off the current»

R. Paklin

«After each electric shock, I had to shout that I loved Putin. They said that if I didn't die by morning, I would be crusted over. I can't describe what this pain can be compared to»

Y. Neznamov

«I was punched several times in the face, forced to squat, filming everything on a smartphone camera. I squatted about 150 times, while a man in a balaclava was hitting my ankle with a baton. They said, «Be thankful you're sitting down now and not wallowing in your own piss and shit.»

D. Chertykov

«First I was forced to strip naked and squatted. At the same time, they put my shoe on my head and told me that if the shoe fell down, they would use violent actions against me involving the insertion of objects into my rectum.»

D. Aydın

A little about our comrades:

All detainees are ideological anarchists and anti-fascists.

N. Oleinik and R. Paklin jointly organized a public library with literature on libertarian theory, the history of liberation movements, and grassroots self-help initiatives.

 D. Chertykov is a veterinarian and a route folk band Rocker Balboa member.

Y. Neznamov is a freelance designer, recently he has been doing 3D modeling and rendering models for games and cartoons.

D. Aydyn worked as a sales consultant and picker in a construction store; in his spare time, he played in the Tyumen hardcore band Siberian Brigade and black metal band Rasputin.

The investigation has been going on for over a year.

During this year:

The Investigative Committee of Russia conducted an investigation into complaints of torture. As a result of the investigation (interviews with law enforcement officers), it was revealed that there was no torture since the offices of law enforcement agencies are «not equipped with torture equipment»

At the trial on the extension of the measure of restraint (24.05.23) the lawyer of K. Brik informed the court that his client «admitted guilt in the incriminated crimes in full». Thus, the investigation had one more powerful lever for the realization of the plan. Later it turned out that Brick concluded a pre-trial agreement with the investigation. Neither we, nor the other defendants, nor their lawyers do not support the position of Brick and his defense. The funds collected in the company will not be used to help K.Brik!

Every two months the detention period is extended again and again. Very soon the main court hearings on the merits of the case will begin.

In addition, more than a dozen actions in support of our comrades have taken place around the world.

Solitary pickets in Togliatti and Vienna. The inscriptions on the posters read «Torture and justice are incompatible» and «After each electric shock I had to shout that I love Putin»

Demonstration of solidarity with the defendants of the Tyumen case in Strasbourg.


In this campaign, we ask for your financial assistance to pay for the work of lawyers of five of the six detainees who continue to fight for their freedom and do not compromise with the punitive hand of the law.

If you can't donate through Firefund, you can also help us through crypto:

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Thank you for your solidarity!

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