Appointed as the first trial of "Khimki hostages"

March 14 at 10.00 in the Municipal Court Khimki (Moscow region., Khimki, Leningrad highway, 19) held a preliminary hearing in the case of Khimki hostages. " The meeting was held behind closed doors and it will be approved by order of the hearing and filed petitions on procedural matters. Referee - Zepalova Neonila Nikolaevna. Previously, she had already abolished the conviction Mikhail Beketov libel against the Mayor of Khimki Strelchenko. Recall criminal case under article "Hooliganism" (Part 2 of Article 213 of the Criminal Code of Russia) was instituted July 29, 2010 the day after the events in Khimki, when masked men under the slogans in defense of Khimki Forest threw Fireye and empty bottles at the building of city administration , and scribbled it with cans of paint.On suspicion of involvement in the protest were detained two people who were openly declared his antifascist views: Maxim Solopov student and journalist Alex Gaskarov.

The charges against Alexis is absurd and based on false testimony of three eyewitnesses alleged incident, which show him as someone throwing some items into the building Khimki administration.But Gaskarov was a study on the "lie detector". The audit showed that Alex is not lying and not committed a crime, the riots did not participate. Also in the case materials have a large number of photographs and detailed video that completely refute the prosecution's case.

Maxim did not deny his involvement in the action, but pointed out that any illegal acts did not commit. His version is confirmed by a number of witnesses, and he is also absent in the photographs and video.However, the indictment alleges that Maxim was wearing a mask and this version is also confirmed by the testimony of three witnesses.

Further confrontations and identification of Alexey and Maxim have been a gross violation of their rights to protection and at the preliminary hearing will be questioned about the exclusion of these "proofs".

"Generally speaking country, of course, that the case did go to court.'s Position is very weak and the prosecution of any guilty verdict is only possible as a result of external pressure from suburban law enforcement agencies that have already reported about the" disclosure of the offense. " And despite the fact that the judge Zepalova once before without reason, I extended the detention, there is hope for its independence, by analogy with the case against Beketov, "- commented Alex.

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