Perm solidarity with Khimki

Пермь солидарна с Химками

April 6 at 18:00 at the building edge prosecutors Permian left picketed against political repression in Russia today in the All-Russian day of united action to defend the anarchists Alexei Gaskarova, Maxim and Dennis Solopova accused of organizing the demolition of the city administration Khimki, in response to repression against defenders Khimki forest on July 28 last year.

Over Alex and Maxim Gaskarova Solopova now there is a court, they face up to 7 years imprisonment. Denis Solopov is under arrest in Ukraine, Russia is demanding his extradition.Meanwhile, defenders of the anarchists are confident that they had not participated in the defeat of the administration and the authorities simply accused of shares of those who were previously known for their appearances in the media and at public rallies.

The Promoter Xenia Demakova, referring to the human rights association AGORA, said that over the past 5 years, civil society activists in Russia began to pursue up to 5 times: "In Perm, recently convicted for alleged beating of her child leader of the initiative group of residents of hostels Irina Mitryushina. Instituted an administrative action on the user forum Roman Hozeeva for the record, made them a few years ago, which was unexpectedly identified as "dissemination of extremist materials."

Organizers of the rally want to attract the attention of ordinary people to the issue of political repression in Russia today.They need to stop the persecution of dissidents, closed the criminal case against them and cancel the convictions of "extremist articles. And also urge citizens to take public control over the activities of the centers to combat extremism, "merit" which in the past few years have criminal cases against hundreds of political and civic activists.

Beginning of the rally in 18 hours at the building edge Prosecutions (st.Lunacharsky, 60). Picket agreed with the City of Perm.

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