Court against killers Stas Markelov and Nastia Baburova will be open and will be a jury

Court for the murder of Anastasia Baburova and Markelov will be open and held with a jury. For it were and the prosecution and the defense (it is forbidden only photo and video). Jury selection is scheduled for January 27. On the same day can begin and the consideration of the merits. A preliminary meeting was closed according to law. Protecting obvinyakmyh filed motions to exclude some evidence (produced, in her opinion, illegal), the interrogation of new witnesses (in particular, the officials whodetained Nikita Tikhonov) and the presentation of records "eavesdropping" on November 3, 2009 (the day had been detained in a rented apartment and Tikhonov Eugene Khasis).

The prosecutors and the lawyer of the victims were against the grant applications, because they are "unreasonable and unmotivated," and can not be solved at this stage of the process - the preliminary hearing. Judge Love Nikolenko partially denied the defense the petition (petition to question new witnesses are satisfied).

Counsel the parents of Anastasia Baburova Vladimir Zherebenkov reported that "at first glance, the work of a professional investigation."Lawyer Khasis Alexander Vasiliev, by contrast, said the "New", that "the court should end the first day, because almost every investigative action was in violation of the law."

Zherebenkov believes that jury selection will occur during the day, and on the same day will begin consideration of the merits. According to him, the court will take two to three months. Meeting with the procedural side is scheduled for January 27 in Moscow City Court (st.BOGORODSKII shaft, 8) at 11 am.

Both defendants in the case of restraint left unchanged - the period of arrest extended until February 19.


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