Food Not Bombs in Irkutsk, expressed solidarity with the Belarusian anarchist

This afternoon, in the center of Irkutsk, the anarchists of the Initiative Food Not Bombs held a rally in solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Belarus. Participants in the initiative have fed a dozen homeless people free hot vegetarian soup. Near the site of action anarchists placed the banner: "Freedom of Belarusian activists!" and handed out leaflets about a hundred passers-by and the homeless. Despite the bitter cold enough passersby eagerly took flyers.


Today's action we perform as an action of solidarity with the political activists of the Republic of Belarus.
On the night of 30 to 31 August in Minsk unknown thrown into the territory of the Russian embassy two Molotov cocktails. Belarusian spetsslzhby used this incident as a pretext for full-scale repression. During September 2010 in Minsk, was arrested at least a dozen people from different organizations. These are social activists, members Antinuclear anti-war campaign and initiatives, as well as people left and anarchist beliefs.Two anarchists - Nicholas and Alexander Dzyadok Frantskevich - were arrested in early September and remain in custody. According to reports, many other detainees have tried to compel to testify against Dedkov and Frantskevych. But even so, the prosecution charged them only at the end of September, and it has nothing to do with the Russian embassy.
Belarusian authorities have not first resorted to political repression, which could be envied even the Russian authorities. The reason is the fear of the Belarusian regime: growing dissatisfaction, especially in urban areas.Authorities have managed to cancel all social benefits (including pensioners and the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident) and to privatize public utilities. Now, as in Russia, started the process of commercialization of medicine and education. Any attempt to organize independent trade union is suppressed.
The liberal opposition, created by the capitalists, but advocates for freedom and parliamentary democracy. But her freedom - a freedom for capital that the economy will follow the course Lukashenko.A parliamentary democracy - a way of redistribution of power. Belarusian regime sees his own weakness and the weakness of the opposition. The arrest of anarchists and social activists, politically motivated: it is their preventive suspension from the political life of the Republic of Belarus on the eve of the elections. Fearing unrest ordinary working people, Lukashenko seeks to spread all those who may be organized protests.
We have no trust in law enforcement and judicial system of Belarus: we know how to Belarusian courts rubber-stamp decisions on orders from the officials.We have no confidence in the liberal opposition, which wants only to wrest power and Lukashenko to continue his economic policies, hiding behind a bourgeois democracy as a cover. We have no confidence in the Lukashenko regime, which occurs on the throat of a simple worker. WE HAVE NO TRUST IN ANY POWER! We urge the Belarusian and Russian workers do not trust neither the liberals nor the guardians. We call on the fight for direct bezavtoritarnoe management through self-organization, tips, totalrespectively the means of production and democratic planning.

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