Short update of the recent repressions against anarchists in Belarus

As of right now four Belarussian anarchists are under arrest, accused of having organised a series of direct actions 2009-2010. 
Everything started long before this past September(2010). The years 2009-2010  were rich in radical actions claimed by Belarusian anarchists. Such as:
 *an illegal anti-militarist demonstration in Septeber 2009 against a mutual
 Russian-Belarusian war exercise,  when a Joint Staff was attacked with a smoke   grenade.


* an attack on a Minsk casino using paint bulbs and flares in protest of
 the relocation of most Russian casinos to Belarus after the law banning casinos in Russia was passed.
* an attack on a police station in Soligorsk during the days of common
 action against the police (windows were broken and a flare was thrown inside)
* an attack on the Headquarters of the Trade Union Federation on the 1st May
 with the statement that the state and this formal organisation uses workers
 in its interests, and doesn't defend their rights, often preventing workers
 from cooperating with each other and organizing strikes.
 * an attack on a branch of Belarusbank as a protest against the financial
 system in the world (molotov-cocktails)
and finally
 * an attack on the Russian embassy in Minsk as a solidarity action with  Khimki arrestees on the 30th August 2010  where a car belonging to the  embassy was burnt. 
This was the last drop for the regime as the attack was carried out in  a period of harsh antagonism between the leaders of Russia and   Belarus. Before the action was claimed by anarchists each country had   already blamed the other one for having maneuvered the provocation.
On August 3rd 8 people in 3 different flats were detained and 7 of them  were put in a detention center for 9 days. During this period another   radical action took place
* an attack on the detention center with the statement to set free all detainees. The attackers set fire to a door of the detention centre.  Later the video is removed from youtube.
After 9 days 5 of the 7 people are set free, but other people are  detained in the meantime. One of them, Aliaksandr Frantskevich, is accused of   the attack on the police station in Soligorsk. He admits that he was   filming the event. The other guy, Mikalaj Dziadok, is kept in the   detention facility for different reasons till September 24, when he is   accused of organising last year's anti-militarist action. In the  meantime they also find witnesses who claim that he also organised an   attack on the casino and the House of Trade Unions. All episodes   mentioned above are now united under one case. Mikalaj denies his guilt.
* In October the KGB quarters in Bobrujsk are attacked with molotov cocktails.
 They take a guy who lives in the neighbourhood, Sergej Sliusar, and  keep him for 10 days without accusations. (He had also been detained for 9   days in September)
On the 4th of November Maxim Vetkin is arrested and accused of an attack on the   Russian embassy and on Belarusbank. He admits his guilt and says that he   was participating also in the attack on the bank. He is also giving testimony against other people, so we have withdrawn support from him. 
On the 17th of November Denis Bystrik is detained, where he is told that Maxim  gave testimony that he was filming the action at the Russian embassy. He   admits his fault but is set free without accusations so that he can contact one of the other suspects, Ihar Alinevich, and have him detained, but eventually the plot is not successful. 
On the 29th of November Ihar Alinevich is detained in Moscow, when trying to
 meet his comrade Anton Laptenok (one of those detained on September 3rd). He  is accused of an attack on the Russian embassy and is held in the KGB remand prison. Ihar admits that he was participating in the anti- militarist  action, but doesn't consider it a criminal act. He denies all other  accusations.
On the 17th of January Jauhen Vasilevich, a journalist from the newspaper "Bobruiski courier," a nationalist democrat without connections to the anarchist movement, is detained and accused of the attack on the KGB headquarters in Bobruisk. 
The period of investigation for all of the arrested is prolonged till April
All of them may face up to 6 years of imprisonment. The case with the  bank could mean up to 10 years. It appears that they are also accused  of “intentional destruction of property committed by an organised group   (7-12 years of imprisonment).” According to the law, in such a case, the organiser gets no less than 3/4 of   the maximum sentence.
Addresses of prisoners for support: 
Mikalaj Dziadok, Tyurma SIZO-1, ul. Volodarskogo 2, 220050 Minsk, Belarus (New address!!)
Aliaksandr Frantskevich, k. 46 SIZO-1, ul. Volodarskogo 2, 220050 Minsk, Belarus
Ihar Alinevich, P.O. Box 8, Glavpochtampt, 220050 Minsk, Belarus (Unfortunately Ihar is only allowed correspondence in Belarusian and Russian language, but you may send postcards and such)

List of prisoners in former Soviet Union we support:


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