Let's start to change the world

Participants of the "autonomous operation - Tyumen" change the world around him, without asking permission from the authorities. July 10, we repaired the bridge over the highway in front of building thermal 2a through the streets of East passage.

Every day we go to school or work, bringing kids to school and kindergartens. Walking along the street, we inevitably encounter obstacles, with the unsettled, which prevents us first.

Poor pavement, broken bridge, steaming trash, fenced protracted - it all first, we interfere.We swore to himself to power, which is why it is not doing everything as needed, but we go further. One week passed, and we are getting used to, it ceases to annoy us, then we cease to notice the shortcomings around.

Passive adaptation - selection rights. It allows you to ignore the shortcomings, not to worry about them, look for workarounds. Only one problem - the world around you is not getting better. Our quality of life does not depend on power from rebukes from the top. It depends only on us.

We can not change society, the people around them without changing ourselves first.To do this we must be indifferent to the problems of others, do not rely on power, and becomes power.

Through this bridge every day are moving dozens of people with children in wheelchairs. They are forced to drag the stroller right through the line. More than once had occasion to observe and help remove the jammed in the doorway of the lack of board wheelchair.

During the rally, activists have repaired the bridge planks and sheets of plywood and then painted these sheets in colors red and black flag.Near struck an anti-capitalist slogans and symbols.

Time and resources were few, but the main goal (the opportunity to quietly go with sidecar) fulfilled.

To do better next time, we do not have you.

Enough to tolerate and adapt!
Let's change the world together!


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