Moscow will host a rally against the persecution of Khimki hostages and other social activists

Nov. 14 at 14 o'clock near the monument Griboyedov (m Net ponds, Turgenev) in a single day of action to end the prosecution of Khimki hostages to be held a rally organized by the Committee for the Liberation of Khimki hostages and welfare movement Khimki forest. November 13 marks 2 years since the attack on the defender Khimki Forest Michael Beketov who remained disabled, but, nevertheless, November 9, 2010, was found guilty of slandering the Mayor of Khimki.

Two years ago in Russia, a wave of terror against social activists and journalists.In addition to beating Beketova unknown in Moscow was attacked by the Director of ICD Carine Clement, in 2008 on trumped-up case was prosecuted and put in jail a trade unionist Urusov. In response, in Moscow on Clean Ponds social activists held a rally under the slogan "No Crimes against justice!" Two years later, who attacked the Beketov and Clement has not been found and fabricated Urusov serving life in jail.

January 19, 2009 in Moscow were ubiyou are known anti-fascists Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova.

Already in 2010, during the preparation of the meeting on 14 November, there was 2 other significant events: he was severely beaten defender Khimki Forest Constantine Fetisov, and an attack on a political columnist for the newspaper Kommersant, Oleg Kashin, which among other things, covered the struggle for Khimki woods and share Khimki administration of anti-fascists around July 28, 2010, after which criminal proceedings were instituted against Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova.

Two well-known community activists accused of organizing a hooligan attack, and they face up to 7 years imprisonment.In Khimki business there and the other accused. Campaign for Khimki hostages requires the authorities to stop criminal proceedings on the events of July 28 and the withdrawal of all charges against activists!

Organizers of the rally on November 14 believe that the new tragedy - the result of public apathy, which two years ago has failed to punish the perpetrators of those terrible events. It's time to stop this, because if this time the perpetrators are not caught, a sense of impunity will untie the hands of all the other scum.

"November 14th at 14:00 we invite you to come to the net ponds.We know that there is no point in long speeches. Unlikely to have somebody learns something new. We invite you to bring anything that can rattle and make a big noise as a symbol of our rage and indignation. This may be the drums, various horns, whistles and even vuvuzely! After all, peace and quiet - this is exactly what they want to achieve those plants, maim and kill those who disagree with are existingm order "- says the invitation to the rally.

Additional information: The campaign for the release of hostages Khimki: +7-915-053-59-12, , Movement for Khimki Forest: +7 (925) 500-82-36, +7 (916 ) 743-37-59,

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