The prosecutor's office again to place the Maxima Solopova custody. Campaign for Khimki hostages continues

Friday, October 29, at 10 am Moscow Regional Court will consider the cassation of the public prosecutor to address the Khimki city court to change the Maxim Solopova preventive measure for release on own recognizance. Recall October 18, Khimki City Court decided to replace the measure of restraint Maxim Solopova in the form of detention to release on recognizance. Maxim held in detention center and jail g.Mozhayska Khimki, a total of more than 2.5 months.

As guarantors of Maxim were Lev Ponomarev, executive director of the Movement "For Human Rights, human rights activist Sergei Kovalev and Lyudmila Alekseeva, Duma Ilya Ponomarev, as well as teachers Solopova at his place of study in RGGU Galina Ershov, Dmitry Belyaev and Catherine DiSanto.During the hearing personally participated Lev Ponomarev and teacher Catherine DiSanto.

Maxim Solopova comment: "I hope that the cassation brought by the prosecution at the court decision Khimki is nothing more than a formality for the prosecution. In this view, there is no new evidence justifying the conclusion of my detention.Moreover, investigations have been completed, and I have already filed the final charge. At present there is a stage of familiarization with the criminal case. Hence, there can be no question of the need to stay in my prison, as in any way affect the result, in principle, impossible. In addition, under recognizance not to leave since October 18, I did not give any reason to doubt the correctness of the recent decision of the Court of Khimki. I attend university, is ready to attend all court hearings and investigative procedures, for which I am summoned.No intention to hide I do not have. "

Campaigners believe the release from custody of Maxim and Alexei considerable success, but will continue its activities until the complete removal of these charges and the termination of criminal proceedings.

26 October 2010, campaigners in the protection of Khimki hostages issued the following statement:

Last week, were freed two hostages Khimki - Maxim Solopov and Alexei Gaskarov.

The fact that we are all made for their release from custody - is a major success, but, as we now understand it is not yet complete victory.We must continue to make every effort to continue the campaign because ...

* Criminal case against Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova not closed and they face a new conclusion, as a result of a court sentence (seven years);
* Both were formally charged, the investigation requires the return of activists in prison;
* Ranked as a consequence of defendants and suspects in the case of a demonstration in Khimki, on July 28 and other participants in social movements, which can also get a significant period of time;
* Not punished those responsible for the torture of witnesses in the case;
* In the recent past in Russia is already there were cases where the defendant after his release from custody during the investigation (the same procedure by which last week released Alexey and Maxim) has subsequently found himself behind bars again, and was sentenced to several years in prison.For example, trade union activist Urusov in May 2009 to address the appeal court was released on bail, but in June a court sentenced him to 6 years imprisonment.The solution of the superior court reduced the term to only 5 years old.

We must make a full withdrawal of charges and termination of criminal proceedings.

We urge you, as always, do not give up the struggle for freedom Alexey and Maxim. International Days of Action to Stop the Khimkinskaya case "November 12-15, remain relevant.


Further information: tel. +7-915-053-59-12,

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