Neftekamsk: action in memory of Theodore "Fedyay" Filatov

October 10 Neftekamsk Rally memory of Fedor "Fedyay" Filatov - our friend, anti-fascist murdered two years ago in Moscow, Nazi filth. Day successfully held listovochnaya campaign informing people about the incident. The townspeople were very interested what is happening, some expressed a desire to help in the distribution. There were distributed about 60 leaflets. After that, the activists went to the Eternal Flame, which honored the memory of the deceased.

The text of the leaflet:

Two years, as he is not with us. This is a man that should be! Exactly two years ago killed "Fedyaya (Fedor Filatov) - anti-fascist who is not afraid to speak out against neo-Nazism, and various forms of discrimination.His murder was a well-planned - was attacked near the house where he lived, four-wing, armed with knives. Morning of October 10, 2008, in hospital from multiple stab wounds and died.

He was only 27 years old. Rest in peace ...

We remember Fedjay as a loyal friend and wonderful person, who could not pass someone else's misfortune or leave a comrade in distress.He always thought first about his comrades, and only last about yourself.

On the situation in Russia: We invite all people!
"The victory over fascism" - it is not only the memories of 1945 and with respect to currently living veterans. This anti-fascism - it is a struggle with the nationalist-fascist structures at any level in any country, be it Russia, Ukraine and Germany.

The purpose of our actions - to pay tribute to Theodore in the widest circle. We strongly criticize the current behavior rossiysFIR authorities, who are not adequately carried out the investigation of acts of right-wing violence and politically motivated killings committed by the Nazis (from nationalists to neo-Nazis), racists and anti-Semites.

Freedom! Equality! Solidarity!


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