A new issue of the journal Autonom! № 32, Winter 2011

Book Magazine: (Recently we have had
problems with the delivery of emails to this address, so please duplicate
message also ! If you answered no,
please write again to the second address!)

At this time in a hundred pages of the magazine you can explore:
- Courtesy of the movement for "reporting period";
- Memories of Ivan the farmhouse;
- An interview with the fans of FC Arsenal (Kyiv) and toIyevskaya same artist
David Chichkan;
- The history museum of Kropotkin in Moscow and the situation in the town of Kropotkin;
- The right to revolt - Khimki woods like Russia in miniature;
- Methods skvottirovaniya offices;
- Practice of cooperation with trade unions;
- Arguments for the abolition of restaurants;
- Translation of "I Know Who Killed Commissioner" by Alfredo Bonanno;
- Statist and fascist (anti-) utopian;
- End and the outcome of anti-globalization movement;
- In general - kommunarskoe and antiwar movements;
- Anarchist Black KRest: Ways to Communicate with the cops, if you fall
on political administrativke, "rebellious" - to anarchism through
life imprisonment;
- Tools to achieve consensus;
- Anarchism and sex;
- And much more!

Book Magazine: (Recently we have had problems with the delivery of emails to this address, so please duplicate message also ! If you answered no, please write again to the second address!)

Up to ten copies - $ 100 apiece.
More than ten - 90 rubles apiece.

+ Shipping cost when calculating which use tasksetter site of the Russian Post - .Choose a "registered mail" with a zero value, the price without VAT take.

Weight: 1 instance of Autonomy, № 32 of 250 gr, 20 gr Add to the package when ordering 1.2 logs, 100 grams if ordering more. Packaging has a separate cost money - RR 5 - envelope into which the 1.2 rooms, 40 rubles - plastic envelopes for 3 rooms and more.

In addition, you can also order the book by Peter Gelderloosa Consensus: Decision-making in a free society. "More information here

Now, the magazine can be found in all of Moscow stores!

In Moscow:

* Gilea "- ("Pushkinskaya" metro, "Chekhov", Tverskaya,
Tverskaya Boulevard, 9, placing the Moscow Museum of Modern
art, works seven days a week from 12-00 to 20-00 (Thursday - 13-00
to 21-00).Price 110 USD.
* "Rock Arsenal" Underground Chkalovskaya Str. Upper Susalny lane,
4 / 6, Building 3. . Price 110 USD.
* "Russian Village" - Glinischevsky lane, 6 (m. Pushkinskaya or
Okhotny Ryad, a book store "Moscow"), operates daily, except
Su. from 11 to 20 hours Price 120 rub.
* "Phalanx" - Small Gnezdnikovsky lane, 12/27 .
Price 124 USD.
Stall "Novaya Gazeta" Passion Boulevard, 4a (Metro: Pushkinskaya,
"Chekhov", "Tverskaya).Price 150 USD.
* "Zig-zag" Big Spasoglinischevsky pereulok 9 / 1 p. 10 (in
yard), from 11 to 21 a week

In St. Petersburg:

Rock Shop "HELL STORE" metro station Nevsky Prospect, St.. Bolshaya Morskaya
17, 11 and 20;
* Rock-shop "Sun Stone", 7 th line VO, 42 (entrance from courtyard)


* Bookstore Piotrowski, ul. Lunacharsky, etc. 51a.

echa in Vkontakte

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