In Simferopol, the students held a march against "legal corruption in higher education"

October 4 in Simferopol, a march of students Tauride National University, for the abolition of the Cabinet of Ministers № 796 "On approving the list of paid services that may be provided by state and municipal educational institutions", adopted in late August. This decision is expected introduction of fees for absences for valid reason, for the use of library books, for laboratory work and t.d.Odnako this decision contradicts the article. № 53 of the Constitution, which provides access to education for all citizens of Ukraine.The initiative group of dissatisfied students created a group Vkontakte and began to prepare an action. All suggestions about the actions discussed in the group. This week training organizers and students, consisting of a group, received threats, and intimidation to prevent.

And then at 14:30 started action. Posted 12-meter banner of Students for Free Education ", the other posters were holding.First, including music, then were organizers of the rally and just wishing. Were seen provocateurs, distributing leaflets polit.partii, ran for mayor in the near future and who tried to protest, pushing the students. Agitmaterialy were removed protesters and provocateurs were removed from the event.

And then about 15:15 the procession started. In the procession was attended by about 250 - 300 students. In the course of the procession crawled slogan "Knowledge - not a commodity! UNIVER NOT MARKET "," more to learn! Pay less, "" While we are ONE, we are invincible, "" FREEDOM EQUALITY! SOLIDARITY! "," Hey, student! FIGHT FOR YOUR HONOR! DOWN REGULATION 7-9-6 "," MAKE THE RIGHT - TAKE RIGHT! "Etc.Looking back at about the middle path, we were surprised to find that participants in the march is much greater than it was originally.

Endpoint of the procession was the picket at the walls of the Ministry of Education of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Was read the text of resolution with the requirements brought by the Education Ministry to the Crimea.Also acted students wishing to share their attitude towards this anti-crisis measure. Meanwhile, the building came from piketiruemogo minister and proposed the establishment of a committee of 10-15 people for service resolution and negotiations, but the enterprising daredevils gathered a total of about 8, which is related to fear of reprisals in the process of learning. On the whole event went well. And if this action does not affect the management of HPI and other universities who might want to take his example, the shares will continue and we will be joining more and more withappreciation to struggling students and social activists!

Photos from the campaign:

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