UK. Student protests will continue

National Union of Students and Union of Universities and colleges in the UK have pledged to spend on the streets of London a new mass demonstration against the increase of fees for higher education with students of Minsk universities. The action is scheduled for November 30.

This decision was made in response to the leadership of the Metropolitan Police, which justifies actions of law enforcement officers on dispersal on Wednesday at the government Whitehall Street (next to the prime minister's residence in Downing Street), the most radically-minded part of activists.Trying to stop the riots, the police took a large group of students in the surroundings and not let go until nightfall. The leaders of student unions have called these actions by the authorities outrageous.

Scotland Yard chief Paul Stephenson, in turn, endorsed the tactics of the Metropolitan Police yesterday and admitted that during the first wave of student protest in London on 10 November, the headquarters of the ruling Conservative Party in the skyscraper Millibank tower officers of the Metropolitan Police were unable to predict a very aggressive mood Protesters and thereby made a mistake.That is why, at Whitehall, it was decided to concentrate 800 guards of the order, four times higher than the number of police in Millibank tower.

Meanwhile, student sit-ins continued in many universities and colleges in the country. In particular, the protesters occupied the Oxford library Bodleyna and the central building of University College London.

In the protests that took place on 24 November, attended by up to 130,000 students, schoolchildren and their parents.

According to the Metropolitan Police, with the last day in the capital had been arrested 32 demonstrators.

They opposed the government's decision to increase from 2012, the maximum amount of tuition fees from the current 3 thousand 290 pounds sterling (about $ 5,000) per year to 9,000 pounds ($ 14,500).

Shares were held in London, but also in other major university cities - Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield and Cambridge and Oxford.

Earlier, November 10, a peaceful demonstration attracted thousands of participants, who threatened to revoke the MPs from the Liberal Democratic Party. At the headquarters of the Conservative Party, located in the skyscraper Millibank tower, broke into dozens of anarchists, graffiti painted walls, built a fire of banners, and began throwing chunks of concrete from the roof of the police.

As a result of riots 14 people were injured, including seven policemen. Several of the most active participants in the police arrested.

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