Knowledge - not good!

Privatization, monetization, commercialization! Three words in many ways defining the work of our government over the past 20 years. First, they took a fact that has not actually belong to anyone, then they took us that the idea of any State, concerned about its citizens should give them, throwing in a couple of substitutions not coin. And now they have decided to make us pay for something for which we have already paid for the idea! There is no truth, not to whether to pay it all, we pay taxes? Free education, free medical care, affordable public transport.Like everything converges, so why want more money? Maybe someone somewhere and "slightly" kissed our taxes, can "slightly" took him? Why education should be free? Where have you seen a 2-3 lesson (one of which - the study of one of the famous book of fairy tales and training in communication with the invisible guy in the sky) on the day was free, but for others - lay on a coin! Coins - no, go home! Do not like it is an attempt to further fool the entire country? Read, write, count and have learned enough for you to work more and do not have to think - the privilege of the rich, those who have enough money in order to pay teachers for their children.When it has managed to become the norm that students pay for their education? Is the student should not learn without thinking about money, how it should work instead to improve their knowledge? All this is very similar to trying to kill two birds with one stone, eventually deprive people of opportunities to think critically and to think clearly, and steal even more money. And everybody is happy? No

"What do you suggest?", You ask.Commercial or public education. Neither one nor the other. After all, hard to assume that the sellers of knowledge, will sell them to you cheap, and will endeavor to do so as much as possible. The very great and powerful market dictates other rules. Sell more! Zatrat less (in our case means less knowledge for the people)! Is this what we want? Hardly ... Then the state, you say, even though it deals with education. Then immediately recall all that our state is the last time in an attempt to deprive us of access to knowledge (and still takes), and not just ours, all the state around the world.With the development of technology they had to give us an education, so we cope with the increasingly complex work, but it's very dangerous gift, because the government is afraid of thinking people, and they do all that we have not moved for at least necessary for them. They do not want clever employees. The State is clearly not suited for the role of the educator ...

So what do we offer? We propose to decide these questions! Yes, nothing wrong with that, there is very good and the old word "self" and it is perfectly suited to us (ideally, for example, include those homes that are governed by HOAs, rudimentary form of self-governance).Who should oversee the school? For example the municipality, which includes parents of students that the school itself, not the government, whose children attend private schools, or abroad. I do not think that parents will do anything bad for their children. And the institutions? They should be separately managed by students and teachers.Only dialogue between teacher and student will solve all issues related to the life of the Institute. Wait, but where would he find the money? Where can I get those same millions who lack modern education system? They give the production, because they are working parents of students. Instead of paying taxes, the lion's share of which ends up in the pockets of officials, why not send them directly to destination? But then so we can proceed in any other sphere of life, say health ...Why, then, the state? Wait, wait, we will never to you and say that it is necessary ...

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