Ultra-Anarchist bigotry, or as a "labor" with no "no labor" struggled.

We live in a world full of myths and false stereotypes that already understand what is truth and what is fiction. The concepts of this world are illusory, the boundaries are blurred, and everyone understands any thing as he pleases. So-called "anarchist community" is, unfortunately, is no exception. People who say they are fighting against stereotypes and illusions, often themselves are their slaves. Not to be pustoslovnym, here are a few examples.

Example 1. Work - is evil. Work - not anarchical.

This is especially possible to hear from freegans who do not pay the rent, not buy clothes and food.They motivate their position that the work - it means a profit to those suckers, which, in turn, pay taxes to the state, which contains their garbage and other instruments of suppression of personality (of course I'm talking about the ideological freegans, not about people who just a bastard to work). Certainly, at first glance it sounds quite logical. But it is necessary to dig deeper and you realize that for the normal existence of necessary food, clothing, shelter, and steal everything you need (including electricity and water for squat), not a whit better than to pay for them directly.Why? The cost of the stolen products are usually either included in the price (in this case for the stolen products you simply paid the other buyers, which, in turn, work and pay taxes), or entirely borne by the workers (usually divided at all). In this case the profit still goes to the capitalist, and state taxes still paid.Same with water and electricity. Capitalists in any case not to reimburse out of pocket, they will share them at all, who pays (as in St. Petersburg in 2010, when residents came to the 13th the rent). So, as a joke: "my son will eat less, and my dad would drink as much." So who did you steal? Eat with garbage not a solution either, because discarding in the trash still good products is only possible in a society of excess, which in the capitalist system is created by plundering the Third World. "And if in the large cities of Russia (and, soon, in the two capitals) is already more or less possible, the province will likely have to steal. So is not whether such a position is self-deception? You decide ..

Example 2. To pay for cultural events - this is not DIY.

This position frequently occurs among the most "truevyh" anarcho (often steal or punk) bands that for whatever reasons, believe that any event which will be charged an entrance fee (no matter in what order it wants) - this is commerce, not a DIY and so on.Even if it is - a charity concert, and all funds raised go to help, such as animal shelters. This position does not seem logical, even at first glance because normally, when the material assistance they need, these people do not abandon it "for ideological reasons, but to participate in the establishment of Benevolent Fund they consider unworthy. This is a typical example of double standards and pokazushnoy "truevosti.

What is DIY? This, apparently, an alternative to existing commercial system of distribution of wealth (in this case cultural).Alternative involves the creation of other mechanisms, not bringing people to any material profit. Independent in terms of ideas and forms and content. At that same lean people, when they say that charge a fee for entrance, it's not DIY? It seems that the entrance fee is considered by them as a commercial phenomenon in any case. Although, if again to dig deeper, you realize that every event in our time requires financial costs (the group's arrival, equipment, training) and it was logical that these costs are borne by all involved, and the audience and speakers.But for some reason, some adherents of "megatruevosti" believe that all the hardships of organizing the event should fall on the shoulders of the organizers, not sharing at all. Somehow, if a group of friends gathered to pool their savings had bought food, went and ate it, dividing at all - it's good (and stole - even better:)), and if the same scheme is used for cultural events - it's bad and do not commerce. Let's face it. Where the equipment, which are the group (broadcast the movie)? Most likely, it someone bought for my money, that ise. concert has already obtained is not free, and paid solely to those who provide the equipment. Premise that someone has paid for (yes, and squat, too, the above mentioned it), someone took it, made repairs, paid the rent, therefore, he too was involved in the organization. DIY - this is where all participate in the making. What did those who simply "truevo" come on "truevy" a free concert? Bought (or stolen, it does not matter), alcohol, supporting the manufacturing and selling his company, and fiercely shook goat? In my opinion - this is not DIY, but an illusion ...

3 Organization - is an authoritarian evil.

This is perhaps my favorite myth, absolutely nothing to do with reality.Unfortunately, neither of whom the number of adhering to this position, I have never heard any clear arguments supporting it. Of course, graffiti by night is possible without a clear organization of his friends. But when there's some big plans (for example, to draw some graffiti on every house in town), in most cases requires the creation of affinity groups, allocation of responsibilities, clear plan of action, or is to rely on "the patron saint of Bakunin All onarhei" .And what is the affinity group no matter how the initial form of organization of people, one of its forms? In the affinity group has all the hallmarks of the organization. Membership, as to accede to it can not anyhow who usually need it the consent of all parties, yes, partner tickets are not issued, but it is, anyway, membership.Rules of Conduct (in formal organizations, they are called statutes, org.printsipami, etc.), they are present behind the scenes. The Fund, which is created again informally, informal membership dues, in our case, for example, all thrown off the paint. Ie Any form of organization of people, there is an organization, the only difference is, formally or not. Often, people are fighting against windmills, refusing to pay a membership fee "for simply to consist in the organization" even though something in particular, are ready to fold.Is not it clear that the membership fee and is raising money for specific things, just for future use. The difference between an anarchist organization and anarchist affinity groups - is the word. And fight with them seems to me unworthy of a thinking man. Is not life in the power of illusion? Do these people think that the trains will travel without organizations, "spontaneously organizing" that electricity will run through the wires, obeying the unprecedented strength. In my opinion, it gives much faith in the unknown forces, referred to as a religion ...

The above myths and illusions, unfortunately, is widespread among the anarchists, but even more unfortunately, myths, much more.Accusing their political opponents in a blind adherence to myths (myths about God or about the invisible all-powerful hand of the market), sometimes we ourselves are the hostages of the concepts, however insubstantial, and not having no foundation. And suffer from this, our friends, for whatever reason do not agree with us, which we unleashes the flow of anger, which would be worth it to reserve for the enemy. We are looking for the mote in another's eye, not noticing the plank in his own way.And spend precious time on baseless criticism. Enough of illusions, let us live the reality. Let's fight the current enemy!

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