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By shooting against a criminal case, because the accused judge untouchable for life

Prosecutors saw no fault of the judges of the court of Kiev Darnytsa Volk in a shooting incident that occurred in the village Bobritsa Kanev district of Cherkasy region. According to local media, the judge gave to the gay riot at a local coffee shop while firing an entire clip in his pistol "Makarov" a local resident, Alexander. The youth was hospitalized with gunshot wounds, he is in intensive care. Simultaneously, the prosecutor's office did not confirm this information. A spokesman for Attorney Cherkassy Olga Loktionova dubbed the official version: blame the judge in the incident no.

"The judge and his family stopped at a cafe to drink coffee, just before closing.They attached a drunken. When Eugene I. tried to make their point, rowdy offered to go out and the way men talk, and after bringing his corner of the house, knocked down and kicked. When the referee was hit in the head, then pulled out a gun. As a result, one of the attackers, Alexander Heap, received gunshot wounds - two in the legs, and one - in the stomach, it is now in intensive care in serious condition, "- both presented events Loktionova.

According to the staff Kanevsky police department, one of the attackers were detained for three days, to ascertain the circumstances.

However, the Supreme Council of Justice and the Supreme Council office will check the actions of the judge.People's deputies have appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office to check, there is a case of wine judges, as well as registered weapons kept by the judges.

"If the judge is really involved in wrongdoing, then the Supreme Council of Justice should consider making a submission to the Verkhovna Rada to dismiss him from office for breach of the oath," - said the MP, a member of the parliamentary committee.

At Tuesday, June 29, prosecutors Cherkassy region against "attackers" were prosecuted - under "hooliganism."The investigation is underway.

Recall that on the night of June 29, Judge Darnytsa Court of Kiev Eugene I. Vovk, together with his wife "resting" in the cafe of the village Bobritsa Kanev district of Cherkasy region.And the judge and his wife had behaved very aggressively. First wife of the judge loudly boasted that she had a gun battle and her "all FSUs .. ya. And then "made" and the judge himself Vovk, trying to arrange a rampage in a cafe.

Those present were afraid to pull up a drunken rowdy, and the judge clearly wanted adventure. In the end, he decided to hang on to the young man, Alexander I. heap, leaving the cafe. Vovk, shouting, "And I FSUs .. ya that you're healthy!" Made it five bullets from the Makarov pistol.Heap fell, his wife began to ask Vovk call an ambulance. To which the judge replied proudly that he, again "FSUs .. ui" and that he was "untouchable for life. Subvene guy squeezed Kucha wounds from which blood was gushing. At the ambulance guy was taken to the intensive care unit, where he is now. One bullet extracted from the body and could not.

Meanwhile, Bobritsa consistently came Kanivska police officers, Cherkassy, Kiev, and then the police. In the actions of police officers now clearly visible attempts to hush up the case and shield the judge Vovk.So, a guy who squeezed the wound Kucha already taken to the police station for three days, a girl, a witness brought to a nervous breakdown.

It is noteworthy that the judge Darnytsa local court Eugene Vovk recently indeed been elected as a judge indefinitely. Will the communication judge "cormorant" leave him from responsibility - a rhetorical question.


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