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There was questioning Rustam Fakhretdinova

July 13 Tyumen journalist, member of the movement "independent action" Rustam Fakhretdinov was questioned by investigators of the Investigation Department of the investigative committee of the Procuracy of the Russian Federation in the Tyumen region, Konstantin Zaikov. Fakhretdinova notified that he is a suspect in a criminal case for publication in the newspaper "The Evening Tyumen in 2008 , the articles "Tsentralka for what ruined me ..." and "Flowers of the police department of the Central-3. Fakhretdinov suspected of "inciting enmity and hatred against a social group the police" (Art.282, p.1) for writing articles that tell of the actions of police officers to disperse political flash mobs and the subsequent trial of the activists.

In April of this year's criminal case had been initiated against the editor of The Evening Tyumen Vladimir Yefimov, on the same article 282, only 2-nd part - "incite hostility and hatred against a social group, committed with the use of mass media, face using his official position. "Fakhretdinov at the time of writing articles are no longer worked for the Evening Tyumen ", but the editor took his articles with permission of the local portal Voice-info" and put their number.

Investigator Constantine Zaikov intends to send the publication to the complex psychological and linguistic expertise in Ekaterinburg. In 2009, the examination of these publications have already been conducted, and the judge found in the articles "a negative attitude to the police" - it was expressed in the use of the word "cops", "humanoids" and "werewolves".But the Investigation Committee of the Prosecutor's Office on the audit results to institute proceedings for insulting the police refused. In April 2010 it still was initiated (at 282, p.2), but the investigators deemed it necessary to re-examination.

On the eve of July 12, in Tyumen took two searches - in the apartment the parents Rustam Fakhretdinova, where he is registered, and at his actual residence. During the search was withdrawn archive anarchist press, which Rustam Fakhretdinov collected from mid-1990's - a total of about 200 copies of publications, a selection of political leaflets, three flash cards.According to the investigator Zaikov seized materials will be carefully studied and can be used to initiate a new criminal case, presumably, one of the "extremist articles. This technique has been used by investigators earlier: seized in another criminal case (on the Drawing on the draft board) copies of the "Evening Tyumen" formed the basis of the current case.

Rustam Fakhretdinov is an anarchist and activist "autonomous action", is a journalist for the newspaper "Real Estate Construction for all".He was convinced that searches and criminal cases brought by the active participation of the Tyumen center to counter extremism, a desire Center "E" to prevent any activity on the political scene of the city.

Additional Information: 89129282735 - Rustam Fakhretdinov, 89120789908 - Alex Ladin, a lawyer Vladimir Yefimov


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