Anarcho-snowmen staged a picket in defense Yuntolovo

In Yuntolovo was inconsistent rally against building snowmen Forest Park

Picket snowmen, organized movements "Autonomous Action" and "Save Yuntolovo, held March 6 in Yuntolovo. About 10 snowmen participated in the rally, which was directed against the construction of a new zoo and Western High Speed Diameter motorway in Yuntolovskiy forest park. Snowmen were holding placards "No ZSD!", "Elephant freedom, citizens forest, migratory bird marsh," "Les do not touch, set on the knife." Participants of the rally stretched over the entrance to Forest Park Yuntolovsky banner "People - wood, animal freedom."

Natural complex in Yuntolovo - is nearly two thousand acres of green lung of the city and the largest in St. Petersburg, a place to relax, as well as the importance of parking for migratory birds. Building a buffer zone sanctuary turn ecologically safe regions in the area of environmental risk.

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