Lecture renewable energy: opportunities, threats, prospects, 02/12/2010

December 2 at 19.30 in Ekolofte on Pyatnitskaya held an interactive lecture on "Renewable Energy: Opportunities, threats and prospects. And how to handle it? ".

Moderator: Igor E. Shkradyuk, Program Coordinator Greening of Industry Biodiversity Conservation Center, one of the authors of the forecast of world energy by 2050.

You'll learn the answers to these questions:
* Does it ever clean energy?
* Technological structure and changing the prevailing ways of obtaining energy.
* What is referred to as renewable energy?
* Why renewable energy is called alternative?
* Large and small energy.What's happening in the world?
* Where and what energy sources feasible in Russia now?
* His windmill, solar collector, heat pump, heat accumulator, micro-hydro, etc. - How to buy or how to do?

Place. Register.

The lecture will be held in / A> (2 minutes walk from the subway Novokuznetskaya, 5 minutes walk from the subway Tretyakov).

After the lecture, donations welcome (100 rubles) to the Fund EkoLofta on eco-projects.

Sign , we will send you all the details.

Contact person - Ksenia Borisova, 89267773494


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