Meeting of journalists and readers - Moscow, December 5

December 5 at 17-00 at the Pushkin Square rally will take place in the protection of journalists.

When the authorities say that a criminal case, society assumes that they will look for criminals. This kind of social contract. But this is not the case: the authorities say that a criminal case that the society was quiet and did not make any claims to the authorities. Statement of a criminal case (the case to the Investigation Committee, about taking the case to control) - is the work of the press-service, not the police. The Company receives the results of the Press Service and calm, so enough for authorities to work the press service, the police may engage in business.

As with the state is clear, let yourself Intermediate results.

On November 4, Khimki, an attack on activist Fetisov. A day later, an attack on a journalist Kashin. A day later the Investigation Committee asked the prosecutor to convey in his conduct of the murder of journalist Domnikov, and resumed its investigation into the assassination of journalist Beketov.

In the case of Kashin: interviewed many acquaintances of the victim, made sketch of the assailant, made operational-search measures, there were mysterious new version.Not made any investigation in relation to high-wishers of the journalist. Even those who had already used the services of football fans, fighters (Vasily Yakimenko and Vladimir Strelchenko).
In the case of Fetisov: nothing has been done, the lawyer of the family of the victim did not report the name of the investigator and the agency investigating the attack.
In the case of Domnikov: nothing has been done.
In the case of Beketova: nothing has been done.

On the picket on November 11 we announced the date of our next meeting, Dec. 5.This meeting will be held, the municipality agreed not to destroy us. It will be the general rally in the protection of journalists: not only Kashin, but Beketova Domnikov, Politkovskaya Baburova Yevloyev Shchekochikhin and tens and hundreds of others. We want to publicly remind all the circumstances of the attack on these people to assailants were punished. To criminals sought not only on the first day after the new nestupleniya.

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