No obstacles for refugees from Kyrgyzstan!

For several days, continuing ethnic clashes in southern Kyrgyzstan. Their content seems to be reduced to mass killing of the Uzbek population in Kyrgyzstan. The death toll, estimated the mass media, is 2,000 killed. The number of refugees tens of thousands.

And in a similar situation on the night of 15 June Uzbekistan closes border with Kyrgyzstan ... Later, followed by an incoherent message that day on June 15 allowed to go abroad for women and children, but then again closed the passage.

Osh and Jalal-Abad are in the 10-20 kilometers from the border with Uzbekistan.It is easy to assume that given the common Soviet past and geographical proximity, the Uzbeks of Kyrgyzstan in Uzbekistan are often relatives, friends and acquaintances. You can also easily guess that fuel people have accumulated at the border checkpoints suffer all kinds of deprivation. It is unlikely that Kyrgyz and Uzbek authorities are able to supply them with everything necessary for life in the open.

The motives of the Uzbek authorities are not even very important.This can be a fear of "destabilizing" and / or unwillingness to "dig the problem" of a neighboring country from which you can just isolate themselves just in case. What is important is that we can not allow the authorities to be pragmatic and / or violent in spite of the simplest ideas of salvation and help people in distress. The Uzbek government in a sense, shut out of the trap. Try to move this situation on the Russian reality and feel ... In our power not to pretend as if everything is normal and nothing special.Uzbek authorities must understand that to do so ugly. What the international community and world public opinion will not turn a blind eye to such inhuman act and not leave it unattended. In your power to help loudly about the inadmissibility of the border closure in this situation. Assist with information dissemination.

Vera Goryachev, Barbara Kostrova

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