Open letter written by Danil Chertykov in detention

We share translation of an  written by defendant of the "" Danil Chertykov in detention. He talks about the difficulties he had to face in SIZO-1 of Tyumen and compared the penal system to the digestive system. The letter was translated specifically for our website.

Good day! My name is Danil, I am 29 years old, I am a veterinarian by profession and by "part-time" for almost a year now, I am in a detention center (SIZO). Being a constructive person, I would like, describing my experience of being in detention centers, to avoid unnecessary polemics, as I am sure that a lot has been said, written and, most likely - more interesting. In my opinion, the system of execution of punishments is, so to speak, a complete and finished "Act of digestion", and after the completion of which there is a " FIXED" person. The pre-trial detention center is the first stage of "chewing" a person, turning him into a "food lump", which can be "swallowed" in the future. But if we put aside all thoughts and general ideas and focus our attention on the private (the pre-trial detention center), then like any other state "mechanism" there are a number of problems here. I emphasize two main ones:

The first and most important is the difficulty in obtaining not only new information, in the form of news about what is happening in the country and in the world, but also professional information (which is very important for me as a specialist), and in general, in obtaining any other information. The books on the balance of the pre-trial detention center can satisfy this need only a little bit. It would seem, what does it cost to buy, write out, send any literature or magazine? It is not difficult at all, but to receive it - that is where the problem comes out. The simple receipt of literature, periodicals (even bought here - in the pre-trial detention center) in the absence of a clear formulation of the rules (because they can be interpreted in any way), turn into a Gordian knot, which the prisoner will have to "untangle". And there is no point in mentioning having the radio.

The second problem is the prolonged and excessive bureaucratization. Countless applications, written more than once, simply remain unexamined and unresolved. A simple conclusion to the medical unit (treatment here, to put it mildly, is not the best) can easily take a week and a half or two weeks, the same applies to the conclusion to calls. On the reasonable question: "Why not taken out?", I get the answer: "Write applications every day until they will not be taken out". Not counting the two main ones, we can point out a lot of big and small problems, and the "classic" in public institutions, shifting responsibility from one to another, contributes a lot to their formation.

To summarize, a pre-trial detention facility is a separate "world", it has its own rules and regulations, and one should never forget about it. When you get here, you should keep in your mind the expression: "Measure seven times (think/ask) - cut once (say/do)".Take care of yourself and thank you for your attention.

With Kindness, Danil.

We call on all those who are not indifferent  to pay for the lawyers of Danil and other defendants in the "Tyumen case". The guys have been in pre-trial detention for more than a year and they will face trials on the merits of the case. Families and relatives will have to pay for the participation of lawyers in these sessions and they will not be able to cope without you! Now is the time to show solidarity and lend a helping hand to the victims of Russian repression. We thank every concerned member of our large community for your support.

You are our strength! Solidarity is our weapon!

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