Repression in Belarus: 216 hours. Story first person

September 3 at 7 am I was awakened by the insistent call to the door. It became clear that this did-did-did not casual and it is unlikely to be friends, love to go visiting in the morning. And so it turned out, stood on the threshold of the police with a search warrant. Then a lot of things to write about these events, it is necessary to introduce some clarity. We all lived in one apartment, I, for example, taken from another location. And naturally, no drugs and ammunition none was found, otherwise we simply would not have released and presented at least one specific charge.

Just not quite true to say that we stole.Those who telephoned the police station to tell the truth - we are there really was not. Virtually the whole day we were in GUBOPe. First, spoke with operas and waited investigator, and then when he came, we had quite a long time waiting for a lawyer. I was interrogated in the case of an attack on the Russian Embassy, and then announced that I was detained for three days on suspicion of committing the crime.

Then again there was some red tape to the completion of the necessary papers, disputes opera who and who should lead, and somewhere after 20.00 we were taken on Akrestin.But to leave us there, it was necessary to conduct video and photography, for which I and another guy took the Moscow police department. It was late, so there was only a policeman on duty. He managed to draw only me when I entered the challenge, and he urgently needed to leave for the detection of crime. Opera swore and took us to another department, where my "accomplice" was also photographed and only after that we were in the IVS.

I'm going down the prison corridor with his hands behind his back, in decaying without belt pants and sneakers without laces, because everything is here is prohibited."To the right, facing the wall", - command buttons and opens the cell door. I go and assist in 5 of the local chamber, where there was only one man. Look around here, in general, not so bad, there are mattresses, blankets, radio, toilet and hot water tap.

During the night the camera is fully equipped and in the morning we are introduced to new arrivals. Among them, a young man of 22 years, uh, who has four previous convictions, two separate raids and 10-year-old son.He waits phase in Zhodino and the next trial. At the bar, pick up the phone and money from a peasant, while he gave him another, and in the face. A month later he came again into the same bar, the director recognized him and called the police. Typical for these places history. In general, the old formula of "Stole - drunk - in jail" is not quite true, now, actually "stole, I drank (and / or) gave in the face - in prison, for it sits about 83% of the prisoners.

The daily schedule is as follows: about 7 am and make tea, porridge, then (in that strange way), after a 15.00 lunch - soup and porridge with a meat patty and close to the 19.00 dinner again some porridge at 22.00 retreat.In principle, fed well, although this time I lost 2 kg. Compared with Zhodino jail, where from 6.00 to 22.00 do not lie down on the bed, are very humanely.

The hardest thing here is unknown. It is unclear whether they know friends that do happen. Only on Monday on the radio news of our arrest, so some information is still there. New prisoners tell of hype in the media and new arrests. In the descriptions to know their friends.It is not known how much we are here. Seven, ten or fifteen. I looked in the door a crack to see who are in the corridor.

On Monday, the morning show starting my cellmates. Soon I am alone. Nothing happens, although the time is now coming to 14.30 when the deadline for my detention. Finally, it caused me, though without any belongings. I go down to the second floor, where there are rooms for interrogation, there is already a lot of respectable uncle in costumes. The investigator read me a document on the release and asked to sign a recognizance not to leave.It seems that everything and now I can go home.

I was taken out of one room and then led into next. Here is another investigator read me an order for arrest on charges of property damage in the House of Trade Unions. Cunningly devised, I think, and think of what other criminal cases were initiated by the anarchists. It turns out quite a lot, especially if you translate it a day, so, through counsel, I order the book from the parents and the press.

Three days later history repeats itself, but this is not becoming for me a surprise.At this time setting fire Belarusbank. And there is still an attack on the casino and a sword, thrown into the Min. Defense. And most importantly, understand why they need it. Well they would have demanded that in exchange for the freedom I have to admit something or to give evidence on someone. But that was nothing. KGB came only 2 times, last was on Tuesday. We had a nice chat, it seems that they really want to find those responsible and will not be all to blame on us, and on Thursday I again extend to Sunday, and nothing happens.

The prison administration shall constantly shuffling inmates from cell to cell.At the local parlance, is called "kilishavanie. It is not clear why this is necessary, whether to Zeki failed to reach agreement and to arrange an escape, or to make a recovery in the measured life of prisoners, either to themselves to play charades, where to send someone, you ought to be divided so that the crime partners were not in the same cell. During this time I, for example, replaced the three "huts", and some even ran from floor to floor.

One of us threw another inmate.He was a young guy who took his theft. He has already expired day, and why it was necessary to transfer him to another cell is unclear. At the police station he was beaten so that even after three days he went limp and he could not climb on top of violation. He showed bruises on his legs and back. Of course, he can shoot and assault complaint, but then still uncomfortable happens. And ahead of schedule can not let go, and throw something in the area is not a problem. Well, it nafig fight this system, said better sit quietly.

Saturday - bath day. We've been here a week and have the right to go to the shower.Towels not, so you have to dry himself with his jacket. Theoretically, we have the right to walk, but in practice is to walk downhill on the third floor to the second, where the offices for questioning. "That's come out of here, built up to work with us, then those who have to walk to safety, but for now we have this not enough people", - said the guard.

On Sunday morning I finally hear the long-awaited "With things on the way out." I was not transferred to another cell, and asked for the ground floor.Ordinary prisoners, after three days of being carried about in a paddy by the police department, but for the sake of our own police arrived on Akrestin. They are obviously in a hurry and constantly urged on me. I, in general, also did not really want to stay here and collect all your things come out of the gate, disguise in the street. I was released first, and I'm waiting for the others. Gradually releasing 4 more people are waiting on. Police car was leaving, and we understand that more than one issue will not. Maybe they will release later, we naively assume.

Passers-by turned and looked down on us.Five people with lots of packages, unshaven, smelling of cigarette smoke in rags, without laces, and money cause they have only disgust. And we are waiting for trolley without a conductor, to leave here as soon as possible.

During all this time on any of the cases had not been questioned by no one person who could confirm my alibi.

According to the information portal 17 September 2010. of arrest was released another detainee at the beginning of the month social activist - Vladimir Volodin.At this time remain in custody Dedok Nicholas and Alexander Franzkevich. While the whereabouts of Alexander Bugaev. According to information available to any of the charges were not arrested.



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