Revolutionary abstraction. A critical essay about a trend in the libertarian movement

In Recently, a libertarian movement in Russia has developed a tendency to criticize his colleagues from the position of "correct revolutionary", "a truly proletarian principles" and "the true position of libertarian communism." Moreover, such critics tend to last several years is not involved in active political activities. They assign themselves the role of censors and try to make out that the comrades who spend most of their time to organize actions and other events dealing with something not very necessary and even harmful to the libertarian movement.
In fact, attitudes ultra internet theorists are not revolutionary. This outlook is characteristic orientation in the past, excessive abstraction, absolutisation ideological schemes and the rejection of the principle of historicism. Figuratively this position can be described as "revolutionary abstraction. In the early twentieth century in painting began to develop a trend whereby no longer should seek to be represented by a real similarity between subjects with reality.A typical example of this genre are, for example, some of Malevich's paintings, which instead of real human figures are depicted with their geometric shapes. But what is allowed in the painting, it is not permissible in the theory of libertarian communism. On the contrary, using the scientific methodology, the revolutionary theory must strive as much as possible to become closer to reality.
For example, a number of modern texts, we consider this error tobelt genre of theorizing - Revolutionary abstract.

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