Summit in Toronto - an unsuccessful attempt to save capitalism

Today is the next summit of the G-8 \ G-20 in Toronto. The Russian system media disinformation trying to make it important that the alleged serious national leaders are going to solve supervazhnye questions, while some mysterious "anti-globalists" for some reason, wrecking cars and disruptive.
The capitalist media disinformation trying to convince us that the anarchists are some mysterious street monsters who do not know what they want.It is not. For over ten years, each such meeting was accompanied by protests.

Why? Because the leaders of the elites are going there not to decide "how to get out of the crisis, to improve the situation of workers, reduce the pressure of civilization on the environment. The main purpose of their goal - how to save capitalism.
Modern means of bourgeois propaganda every minute trying to convince workers that there is no alternative to capitalism. With the market economy, representative democracy - is the only possible path of development. The alternative is, but about her never say on the central TV channels. Street rallies are a means of propaganda, and not an end in itself. It is because of these problems (whether consciously or not - is not important) events are taking place today on the streets of Canada.

Against the state and capital!

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