In Tyumen the search for "extremists"

The activist "autonomous action" in Tyumen was searched, a criminal case. 12 July, 7-30 am to 10 am in the apartment of an activist movement "Autonomous Action", a journalist Rustam Fakhretdinova being searched for "the purpose of removing documents and literature of an extremist. A search was conducted staff the center of the E and the investigative committee of the Prosecutor's Office in the absence of Rustam. A protocol, Fakhretdinov is a suspect in a criminal case brought in April this year against editor of the Evening Tyumen Vladimir Yefimov.Efimova suspected of "inciting enmity and hatred against a social group, done with the use of the media, a person using his official position" (Part 2 of Art. 282).
These are published in the Evening Tyumen in 2008 of materials from the site of flashmob "Coupling" (Tsentralka, for which ruined me ...») and the trial of its participants ("Flowers by ATC Central 3 "). These materials were published in the journal Avtonom "N30.
As a professional journalist, Fakhretdinov since the beginning of 1990 collected archive anarchist press and kept the house dozens of anarchist publications. A search of the apartment were seized Rustam magazines Avtonom, clips newspaper "will", "New World", "Black Star", "Ultimatum", "Equivalent", "Situation", magazines "squat enema", "Defying "," Direct Action "," Liberty or Death "," TUMbalalayka "," Drach ", leaflets and posters. The first edition of the list of recovered date back to 1990.The newspaper "The Evening Tyumen" law enforcement officers did not touch that looks at least strange, if the case is brought on publications in the "Evening Tyumen".
As the website of the Investigation Department of the investigative committee of the Procuracy of the Russian Federation Tyumen region, it Efimova (and now Fakhretdinova) lead investigator of the management Constantine Zaikov. "Found that the Efimov, being the chief editor of the newspaper" Evening Tyumen, signed in print two issues of the newspaper on 23 April and 30 June 2008 with a circulation of more than 19,7 thousandcopies, the pages of which were posted articles containing, according to the expert opinions of the Ural Regional Center of the forensic signs of inciting hatred and hatred of the police as a social group "- the site says the prosecutor's office.
A criminal case on these publications in the "Evening Tyumen" the investigators attempted to bring back in 2009. In January 2009, the apartment Rustam Fakhretdinova was searched in another criminal case (later closed) - Drawing on the city's draft board.During this search, he seized two of the newspaper "Evening Tyumen articles, signed his name, and handed them over for examination. October 8, 2009 Fakhretdinov was summoned to the Prosecutor's Office Central District of Tyumen, where it became clear that the judge found in the publications of "negative attitude towards the police" - it was expressed in using the word "cops", "humanoids" and "werewolves". But the investigative committee at the Prosecutor's Office on the audit results to institute proceedings for insulting the police refused.The former defendants after a search and did not return the manuscripts and printing posters. Six months later, in April of 2010, the Prosecutor's Office has reviewed its decision and decided the case on the excitation of hostility still excite. July 2 was interrogated the editor of the Evening Tyumen Vladimir Yefimov.
Rustam Fakhretdinov summoned on July 13 for questioning in the investigation department at the Prosecutor's Office.
Additional Information: 89129282735 - Rustam Fakhretdinov, 89120789908 - Alexei Ladin, a lawyer Efimova

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