In Tyumen, students require return transportation benefits

Tyumen, students continue to struggle against increasing fares on buses and for the return of student benefits. On Friday, June 4 they had in the downtown rally "hares", joined by the participants' blood pressure-Tyumen and vneorganizatsionnye anarchists. About 25 people in masks, in spite of rain, handing out leaflets and stickers, talked to passers-by and the cops.

This is not the first protest of students. May 15, after long efforts to harmonize with the authorities, they still held a He also supported the anarchists.After this meeting and the meeting RCWP on the same topic on May 27, authorities said that the price increase delayed from June 1 to October 1. But the students have decided to consolidate our success and continue to demand the return of benefits - before they rode on city buses for 50% refund. It was decided to start with the dissemination of information about the problem among men. Planned another hand out leaflets on the buses, but the cops told the organizers of the picket, which do not ("the notification stated), so they asked the participants to restrict distribution of leaflets on the area.In fact, of course, laws can not restrict the distribution of any leaflets in any public place.

Students were called in to help all political parties and movements of the city. They promised to come "Autonomous Action", "Left Front", "LDPR" and "Young Guard of United Russia." (The rest, apparently, decided that no master's case - to the pickets to walk).The result per share were the only BP and the youth wing of the Liberal Democratic Party. Left Front contented that sent its opinion to the general leaflets, no one of them did not come. MHER that most shouted support for students, too (quite expectedly) did not come. But printed stickers with the bad sheep even wool. Anarchists supported the rally in large numbers, handing out leaflets general and their own, for free public transport (attached to this news).

Present officers of the Department of Transport and the cops were very worried about the fact that some anarchists were closed person.The same, apparently, experienced workers and the center of "E". They, too, of course, came. After all, as one of the participants in the picket, "Rabbits, after all - it is not huhry-muhry, there is danger."

One of the anarchists "E" Schnick taken aside for conversation, asked his name, place of training, but under close surveillance cameras quickly parted with him.

"Autonomous Action - Tyumen" categorically for the return of benefits to students, pensioners and other low-income groups. Public transport is called the public that it provides the basic needs of society.Therefore, it should not be regarded as a way to profit. Public transport should be cheap, but in an ideal - free of charge. To ensure this can be targeted windfall tax on the holders, returning to the streets of cheap and environmentally-friendly trolley buses, as well as the introduction of "user fee" for the use of public transport, without taking into account the number of trips. All this will reduce the cost of public transport, making it accessible, and then free.


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