Avtonom #28 English summary. Theme of the issue - Anti-fascism.

Dear friends, Avtonom is a pseudo-quarterly journal by of Autonomous Action, which developed from a network to a libertarian communist federation January 2002, after two years of existence. Currently Autonomous Action has local groups in 11 cities of Russia and Belarus, and supporters and friends in Kazakhstan. --- It is very difficult to get foreign radical press and texts in Russia, so we are interested to expand our mailing list - if you know people who would be interested to read our materials, please contact them for us! Currently German correspondence is done by Nizhniy Novgorod section, Italian and Spanish by our members in Tyumen and all other languages in Moscow - please send press with respective languages to cities dealing with respective correspondence. In another hand, mailing out is so expensive that we would like to post our papers only to people who understand what is written in them...

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Avtonom #28 English summary. Theme of the issue - anti-fascism. All articles in Russian language.

This issue includes a poster expressing solidarity for Ungdomshuset, expelled social center in Copenhagen, with an anarchist calendar for 2007.

Front cover: Clipart and anti-fascist direct action in St. Petersburg in September of 2006 against Movement Against Illegal Immigration.


Page 2: Thank you for G8 for our happy summer. Protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg against G8 in summer of 2006 by Pyotr Ryabov.
Page 3: G8 in Russia - memories from actions and prison. James Bond tells how he came to Russia and protested against G8.
Page 5: This is What Recuperation Looks Like: the Rebellion in Oaxaca and the APPO By Kellen Kass
English original available in http://www.geocities.com/amurderofcrows1/issue2/oaxaca.html
Page 5 (in margins): Chronicle of events - laying flowers to tomb of unknown manager, anarchist action against war in Lebanon and Israel, Makhno festival 2006 in Gulay-Pole, ELF action in Mozhaysk of Moscow region, ALF liberates more than 30 000 minks in Leningrad region, Critical mass in Zhukovskiy of Moscow region, struggle against Lukoil in Perm, Black Petrograd festival in St. Petersburg, Action in support of workers of Yasnogorsk in Moscow.
Page 10: Necrology of Igor Podshivalov, pioneering (since 1982) Siberian anarchist who died in accident 4th of August 2006 in Irkutsk by Pyotr Ryabov.
Page 13: Necrology of Nastya, another Irkutsk anarchist who died in an unrelated accident 4th of August 2006.
Page 14: Dirty games - activity against Olympic games candidature in Sochi.
Page 15: "News of the resistance" - back from the future.

Theme of the issue - anti-fascism

Page 16: No Pasaran?! Introduction to theme of the issue by Listev. Action against "Russian march" in St. Petersburg.
Page 17: Why no-one is illegal. Demasking most usual fascist stereotypes by Listev.
Page 18: Unknown genocide. History of persecution of Roma people in Europe by A. Kirpichenok.
Page 20: Nazis - know your enemy by face! A short classification of modern Russian fascists by shiit-man and perfect-radish.
Page 24: A simple Russian bonehead - portrait by O.S.
Page 24: Anti-fascism - the worst product of fascism. Exctracts from book of Gilles Dauve, published under pen-name of Jean Barrot. Full text of the book is available in English for example in http://www.geocities.com/~johngray/fasant.htm. Translated to Russian by Libertarian Communists of Alma-Ata.
Page 27: Claim no easy victories. History of ARA by Rory McGowan, BRICK Collective (FRAC-GL), available online in English in http://www.aratoronto.org/claimnoeasyvictories.html

A call out

Page 31: Let us stop Olympic games in Sochi 2014!

Practical anarchy

Page 32: A drug of disobedience - 20 years of Lebenslaute-orchestra from Germany. From http://www.lebenslaute.de and Graswurzerlrevolution #290.
Page 33: What is Food not Bombs?
Page 35: Food not Bombs in the vast Russian expanses - interview with group of Volzhkiy.
Page 36: Food not Bombs in Tyumen of Siberia. Ultimatum of food.
Page 37: Charity as reproduction of humiliation and practice of alienation. A critic of Food not Bombs by Mitya, also based of writings of Feral Faun.
Page 38: How to organize an informal movie club in your city.
Page 40: History and ideas of the Animal Liberation Front.


Page 42: "Anarchism and insurrectional project", Spoken contribution to anarchist conference held in Milan on October 13 1985 by Alfredo M. Bonanno, slightly shortened Russian translation by @-Company. English text is available online in

History of libertarian resistance

Page 46: Milestones of the resistance - short history of anti-Soviet resistance in Poland by Pyotr Ryabov.
Page 47: December's children. A short fiction by Nikolay Muravin, based on events in Poland.

Anarchist Black Cross

Page 50: Marini trial: Inquisition against anarchists in Italy.


Page 52: Demoracy and dictatorship - two sides of the despotism of the capital by Mitya.

Proletarian terrace

Page 53: Parkour for commies. A guide to urban freerunning by Traceur cell. English text available in http://www.redanarchist.org/texts/indy/parkour.html


Page 56: Graffiti - a tool of struggle for universal equality. Hints for beginners. (By Russian ALF Supporters Group).

Kind fists - skinhead bulletin inside Avtonom

Page 58: Music reviews

Other Culture

Page 61: Interview with 2H Company, St. Petersburg independent hip-hoppers.
Page 62: Interview with Krovostok, not-so-independent blatnoy rappers from Moscow.
Page 62: Movie reviews: V for Vendetta, "Svolochi". Book reviews: "With knives against everything that exists" - First collection of Insurrectional anarchist texts in Russian, published in 2006 by Aleksander Brenner and Barbara Schultz in Riga, Latvia. Biography of Bakunin by Valeriy Demin. A book on Makhno by S.N. Semanov. "Empire V" by Viktor Pelevin. "Duhless" by Sergey Minyayev. Review of anarchist samizdat - "Volnaya Sibir" (Free Siberia) From Irkutsk, "Noviy Svet" (New World) From St. Petersburg, "PetrogrADets" from St. Petersburg, "Radikalnaya Smisl" (Radical thought) from Moscow, "Situatsiya" (Situation) from Nizhny Novgorod, "Taynoe pisanie" (Secret writings) from Kaliningrad, "Chernaya Zvezda" (Black Star) and "Pryamoe Deystvie" (Direct Action) from Moscow, "Shelehovskiy Rabochiy" (Shelehovsk worker) from Shelehovo of Siberia and "Igel" from St. Petersburg.

Page 67: Our contacts

Back cover: Block G8!

Author columns

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