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July 9 in Kiev will be held court over one of the applicants co-organizers of the march on June 10 the campaign there was no police state

More recently, in Ukraine stronger protests of citizens who are outraged killings and torture in the police and arbitrariness on the part of law enforcement officials, who by law must protect the citizens. At the moment the authorities want to prosecute innocent people - the organizers of the protests on trumped-up protocols on administrative violations. After several high-profile protests against the establishment of a police state, the Ukrainian police have decided no longer simply a call to activists and organizers of the shares of different cities, and already being prosecuted for violations of myths of applicants - the co-organizers of the march in Kiev on June 10, simultaneously with which the actions took place in about 15 cities Ukraine.

In violation of its gosudarsvennogo legislation podkaraulevaya are stated in the homes of applicants, co-organizer in the early and late hours, the police still managed to hand him one of the co-organizer Michael Kamenev. To hand him two majors podkaraulevali activist for several hours on the floor next to his apartment.

The record indicates that the fault of activists is that he told authorities late on the action.This is a cynical lie. The application was filed within the statutory deadlines. Secondly, the authorities accused an activist in the fact that the shares have been blocked traffic on the street Herzen. In fact, the movement blocked the police themselves their living abroad.

The court held tomorrow, July 9 at the premises Shevchenko district court. Man charged with violation of the order of the organization and conduct of the march (article 185-1 of the Administrative Code of Ukraine).Sanction this article provides up to 15 days for the organizers.

It is known that the police already have too material of similar cases initiated against two other co-organizers of the march, but the "law enforcers" have not been able to find them for information and service of process on the show trials.

We invite everyone to the court hearing tomorrow, July 9.
Shevchenko district court, st. Smirnova-Lastochkina 10-B
Cabinet № 40, Judge Osipova LA
beginning at 15:00.
better suited in advance - at 14:45

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