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Irkutsk: the fight against building

Morning of October 8 residents of house number 193 on the street. Rosa Luxemburg found in his front of house workers erecting a fence - to build parking. Ul them. Rosa Luxemburg - a very busy street, one of the main traffic arteries, Irkutsk, and the home is located within a hundred meters from it. City administration apparently not enough that the exhaust gases and so constantly hounding residents of nearby houses, and she decided to finally finish their building permits issued parking
Residents are opposed to such disregard and predatory toward them from the city administration and in the evening on Oct. 8 began to protest against the building.They just came out and started to break down the fence. Builders began to resist, but were broken. The fence was torn down.
October 9 construction was continued, residents again began to break down the fence en masse. Builders called the police, who started the protest stopped, detained one activist and began to draw up a report on it, about the arbitrariness and fights. Soon, the activist was released, the prosecution continued its strontium was not
October 11-12, residents continued their spontaneous protest, there were attempts to negotiate with the developer (by the way its construction is completely legitimate, he just rented the territory's administration, illegal actions of the administration which has put this site out, rather than to build it on a playground or rink ).However, the developer acted more and more brazen.
After all these events at the time of construction was suspended. Residents, along with activists of various social movements, was asked the administration on the legality of land allocation, but the clear answer was not received.
On the night of 17 to 18 November, unidentified persons set on fire and sawed fence being built shed for parking.But the building still was continued.
We shared with the residents of the house declare the developer and the city administration, that the construction of parking lots should be discontinued. And we will continue our protest until our final victory.

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