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Perm Picket in support Gaskarova and Solopova

Perm left today organized a picket near the building of regional prosecutor's office for civil and political activists who are persecuted for political reasons, including - "Khimki hostages Alexei Gaskarova, Maxim and Dennis Solopova.

To support the accused in the destruction of Khimki administration came in 1915 the anarchists and Trotskyists. They held banners reading "Justifying Gaskarova and Solopova", "forbidden to forbid!", "Stop the persecution of dissenters, close the centers of" E "!" And "extremist" quotes the classics of Russian literature - Pushkin, Tolstoy, Gorky and Mayakovsky.
Perm lately also notes evidence of political persecution.For example, recently was convicted Irina Mitryushina, one of the leaders of the movement of the Permian residents of hostels for the fact that allegedly struck a child of their neighbors. Comrade Irina convinced that it sucked from the finger and was the result of her activism. Now Mitryushina appeal against sentence - a fine of 10,000 rubles - a higher court.
Yesterday was considered an administrative action against the user's city of Perm Forum teron Roman Hozeeva who quoted Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" in one of the records offline in 2005.At that time she had not been banned. However, the center to combat extremism was not too lazy to find it on the record already deleted the forum thread, and after 6 years of trying to attract Hozeeva administrative charges for "dissemination of extremist materials", twirling his reporting on the "extremist" cases.Hearing Hozeeva rescheduled for April 14.
The prosecutor's office Perm now keeps a check on human rights newspaper "for people", the occasion was the article "Komi-Perm district - the beginning of the Civil War?" Dedicated to inter-ethnic conflicts and published in September last year.

The picket participants were given leaflets about these and other facts of political persecution.And wished to Maxim, Dennis and Alex speedy acquittal.

Comrades, keep us with you!

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