Actions in support of the campaign in Khimki took place in Berlin and Paris


August 9 from 17.20 to 19 hours before the Russian Embassy in Berlin, the capital of Germany, was an action for the immediate release of Alexey and Maxim Gaskarova Solopova arrested after going to the administration of the city of Khimki. More than 30 people from the organization Anarcho-syndicalist Youth Berlin (ASJ Berlin) picketed the building on the Unter den Linden, with black and red flags with the slogan "Against repression" in Russian, German and English.

Eyewitnesses claim that unlike some previous actions, the public, passing by the protesters, eagerly sorting bilingual leaflets "Freedom Lesha and Maxim!", Just handed out 700 leaflets.

The crowd treated with speeches in Russian and German.

Young anarcho-syndicalists demanded the immediate release of Alexey Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova, no talk!

More information and photos will be published later.Details of the fight in Khimki in German see:


August 10 in the center of Paris action of solidarity with Russian activists.Several dozen people gathered Aug. 10 at the Piazza San Michele in the heart of Paris to show solidarity with the Russian people and Russian activists. The activists of political parties and movements (eg Green, TNA, Attac ...) as well as ordinary French citizens have expressed their support to the Russians, which has resulted in this ecological disaster, which led to the deaths of several dozen people.

The participants also criticized the policy of the Putin-Medvedev that by changing the Forest Code, which led to this disaster, and asked the Russian government to stop pressure on environmentalists and activists, and release the anti-fascists who were detained without evidence.

The protesters also expressed their disagreement with the draft new highway Moscow - St. Petersburg, which threatens to destroy the forest Khimki.The participants were asked the French company Vinci and the Russian administration to immediately halt deforestation, to explore alternative options. They also expressed their support for Eugenia Chirikov and motiontion in the protection of ecology of Moscow and Moscow region, they demanded the immediate cessation of any pressure from the authorities and law enforcement officials to ordinary citizens, environmentalists, activists, journalists and anti-fascists.

The French also collected dozens of signatures, as well as encouraged to sign the text of the petition on the Internet:

Source: Indymedia

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